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Lou Reed’s “New York” came out in the 89-ish time period.

“Sick of You” fits today’s news and political situation even better than it did when it came out.

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Note:  Far too many hours working and minimal sleep with lots of caffeine.  I’m on a psycho-rocket ride into next week.  It’ll be fun.


I read the news today:

Sun unleashes massive solar flares...

What’s all the fuss about, because Obama did not do anything wrong.  Go talk to Bush Jr. about anything underhanded.

Immediately what came to mind was:

… White House Fingers Bush…


Funny thing is, O’s mouthpiece Carney did not come out and mention that the IRS thing happened even longer ago than Benghazi and should be dismissed as so much piffle.  He seems to have lost that particular trick.

Axlerod says the government is too big for Obama to handle.  Such a piquant bouquet to his bullshit.  Oh, Obama didn’t know about this, Obama had nothing to do with that, Obama wasn’t part of such-and-such planning… Is anyone else wondering just what it is he does do in the White House besides have lavish parties with Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, and the long list of star-studded sycophants?  I can’t tell what he does when he’s not doing all these things, not golfing, and not vacationing.

Keep an eye out as Obama becomes even more politically radioactive.  Next to fall will be when anyone that can find an escape hatch on the USS Immigration bails out except for the Gang of Eight who are so tightly holding each other’s privates as hostage they will never listen to those who they really must answer.

Sequester … not sure if there is another dynamic there other than the dems trying to buy back some credibility at the new higher rates.

If his lame duck doesn’t have AFLAC and gets lots of bedsores next fall is going to be interesting.  Maybe Bummercare™ can be scraped away or frozen off for the warty thing it is.

Remember how Obama came out in the beginning and said his will be the most transparent administration ever?

Here’s what came to mind then:  This is a lot like the guy in the conference hall at the hotel that stands up during the luncheon and announces “Just so you all know, I’m heterosexual.” and then sits down.

I was left thinking, “… Really?  What was the reason you felt you needed to share that?”

The Blaze added that government agencies other than the IRS treat conservatives crappy, too.  Imagine a bunch of Greenies going after land-rapers.  But it actually is more aimed at using the FOIA as a carrot and withholding FOIA as a stick.

So now you have a general mistreatment of a class by:  Taxing them more, taking away their guns, harassing them with the IRS, bringing in more people to live off of them, making them pay much more for what they were actually happy with already in terms of health care, now you are going to push them around using eco-terrorism, you’re going to read all their mail, listen to their calls, you’re going load up on billions of rounds of ammo, buy armored anti-mine capable troop carriers, lots of full body gear, and full-auto weapons.  Then add the electronic warfare and tracking from drones.  Then for good measure you insult their intelligence while displaying your lack of diligence with our ambassador and call it long ago.

Huh.  That has “Scary” writ all over it in big glowing letters.


Cruel Wife informed me that she saw Obama still has a fan club.  Woo-woo.

I’m going to guess that if you check IP addresses and trace them back far enough the physical address in meatspace is 1600 Penn. Ave.  and that there are three members.

IRS… you know where to find me.  Just ask the NSA.  Or look it up on a drone.

What surprises me is that there are still people able to act like they are shocked, as if this is a sudden revelation of a hitherto undiagnosed set of character flaws.  So anyway, I figure there is a certain percentage of people that still love him but it got a lot smaller with the toppling of the media donkey-fluffer elite.

Lemurita, if you are reading this, a donkey-fluffer goes around making donkeys look poofy.  No, don’t repeat that in school.

Yes, I’m in a mood.  Sue me.  Get in line after the IRS takes their cut.


My daughter asked me at the dinner table what the middle finger means, while “aiming” it in my direction.  Yes, I know 9-10 is not an unreasonable age for those questions to come up but I still didn’t quite see it coming until too late.  I feel like Mr. Magoo, with the whole world happening around me and I only dimly perceive what my children are doing until too late.

But we rolled with it.


Cruel Wife found an old card she got for her dad.  Frankly, that card can make me laugh every single day.


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