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I got to see my first movie in a theater where I understood it all instead of 10-30% for the first time in my life.

CW and I went to see Star Trek before it left the theaters.  Kids were with Grandpa.  We got there and they had personal captioning devices that you could plug into your cup holder and watch honest-to-God captions that were readable, well synced, complete sentences – everything.  It seems like a simple thing to those that can hear but to me it was like being a little kid and given a Red Ryder BB gun.   It was that cool.

Halfway through, a migraine hit, and I could not leave for some Imitrex.  By the end of the movie I was a turnip with no nervous system other than a set of nerves all cranked to 11.  Today was rough but now I have migraine hangover.  It was bad today.  I was pretty close to banging my head on the doorframe and was nauseous.  Went to work anyway, had CW drive me to and from.  I may be able to sort of work like that but driving like that puts innocent people at risk and I won’t do it.

But seeing Benedict Cumberbatch play his part in it as he did, after playing Sherlock as well as he did… he ranks up with Bryan Cranston in my book.

The movie was so-so.  Predictable.  Still fun even as it slowly killed me.

I definitely want to see more movies like that.  Where I have captions to enjoy them.


DailyMail.co.UK seems to have more on the ball than newspapers in the US.

Pill you take can remember your passwords.  Tablets can transmit personal details to devices as they pass through your body.  Then what?  The future will be full of scat salvagers who reclaim important poo for $5 a pound.

I have heard of people rooting through my shit but this seems… excessive.


Higher levels of air pollution reduced the frequency of North Atlantic hurricanes and other tropical storms for most of the 20th century, a study said Sunday.   –  Researchers from the UK Met Office created weather simulations covering the period 1860 to 2050

Well, when things haven’t been warming up as per the dire predictions it was said to be an unexpected slowdown but the situation is just as dire.

When cold weather hit during the massive lurch to global warming that wasn’t really, it was explained that pockets of intense cold and snow are predicted by runaway AGW.

When hurricanes and tornadoes were thought to be getting stronger it was considered as being caused by AGW.

Now the reduced frequency is predicted to be signs of higher levels of air pollution.

So whether it is drought, flooding, hurricanes or no, bad hurricanes or lesser hurricanes, warmer or no, colder winters or no…. someone somewhere can run a model that shows that it is due to AGW.

And if we engaged in zero carbon footprint – all of us – killed off 90% of the humans on earth, killed off all our cows, buried our vehicles, lived in caves, and ate nothing but algae engineered to be the new green tofu.

Why, we could bring back the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) and it would work flawlessly.

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Remember Islamic Rage Boy?

islamic rage boyOn Drudge today, I saw Islamic Psycho Guy.

Islamic Hate GuyI mean, if that doesn’t kind of make your testicles recoil just a little bit, you’ve probably got some defective wiring or you’re a clone of Islamic Rage Boy.

That right there is the Upraised Finger of Batshit Craziness right there, and he’s hyperextended his eyeballs.


Speaking of batshit-crazy, let’s segue on over to my home state, shall we?

This is one of the few sane things to occur!

The Glock Block.

Odds are that the ultraliberal, Occupy movement-supporting crowd in Portland, Oregon, which includes its mayor in late 2011, who told the Los Angeles Times that “I support a lot of what the movement stands for, as a political leader” — are already trying to figure out how to stop what they surely see as a dangerous idea which has sprung up about 10 miles to the south: fed-up citizens arming themselves.

Portland is among several localities in the Beaver State which “have banned loaded firearms in all public places.” That’s apparently not the case in an unincorporated area of Clackamas County near the suburb of Milwaukie, where a fed-up woman is forming a “Glock Block” that Portland’s OregonLive.com web site, based on a search on “Glock” returning no relevant results, is ignoring, despite the national attention the group has begun to receive. Portland TV station KOIN has the following story (HT to Zero Hedge):

If THIS isn’t one of the coolest things to post in your neighborhood…

Tolomon and a group of Jennings Lodge neighbors say they’re responding to escalating crime on their block by also making fliers that read “This is a Glock block. We don’t call 911.


I’m only going to post the screenshot, and one link.

ABC Pregnant MalesReally Chicago?

How much does anyone want to bet that this was thought up by some barking fruit-bat from the left wing?  Chicago is just the place to buy into it, though.

Teen pregnancy seems to me to be a pretty serious topic, so is this kind of weird manipulation the way you want to try to reach people?

Address the girls – don’t make a sight gag out of it.

Man am I getting old and crotchety.

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Amazing weirdness.

Skip on down if you want to avoid the not-quite-a-rant…

I’ve been quite surprised at the number of weird statements lately that are out of character.  For example, Stossel on O’Reilly

Libertarian pundit John Stossel admitted to Bill O’Reilly tonight that he can’t join in the libertarian outrage over the NSA surveilling Americans’ private communications because it just doesn’t bother him that much. He argued that privacy is already being violated en masse by large companies like Google and Facebook. O’Reilly challenged him, saying that there should be cause for concern due to potential government abuse like in the case of the IRS.

Stossel told O’Reilly, “My privacy is already blown… Amazon knows, Facebook knows all kinds of things about me.” O’Reilly admitted he’s confused by all this tech stuff, saying that while he can understand websites like his own being able to track who pops on and goes to certain pages, he can’t imagine how these sites are tracking all sorts of user information.

Stossel shrugged his shoulders and said it could happen, but ultimately, “I figure everything is out there, I try not to have secrets.” He did admit there is a difference between companies monitoring user data and nations monitoring the people’s data, because “Google and Facebook… can’t lock me up or kill me.”

O’Reillly shot back that there is strong potential for abuse if someone involved in the surveillance leaks information through improper and illegal channels. Stossel acknowledged his position has put him at odds with his fellow libertarians, saying “I’ve been called a traitor to the libertarian cause.” He concluded by the segment by saying it should be an outrage that four million people are given the security clearance to see these programs in action.

I’m not going to call Stossel a traitor but I am surprised.

It doesn’t really matter what the gov’t intentions are, searching without cause just isn’t cool and is not protected behavior that the gov’t can engage in.

Ann Coulter was ok with cameras watching everything after the Boston bombing.

Rubio shouldn’t be supporting “immigration reform”.  Even the sanitized name is loathsome.  Good friends of mine were sent packing back to Germany, so why should illegals from south of our border be given a pass?

The New York Times is the voice of reason to not arm the Syrian rebels?

I don’t know Brewer’s historical stance on the matter but I’d think now of all times is not when you want to expand any programs.

Has the world gone nuts?


Co-worker Butcher of Lansing brought in a duo-pak of these, demo’ed one, gave me the other to show to the kids.  Hackerboy will love it.  I’m still kind of appalled.


Here.  Have a zombie squirrel.  THIS is the source of the upcoming zombie plague.  Not the manatees like I originally thought.

zombie squirrel****

Miss Iowa Missing Forearm.

Holy crap, they better catch the guy that took it.

MissIowaOh, come on.  Just kidding.  Relax.  You got to hand it to her.

Relax.  Get a grip.

(sigh)  No, really, good on her for competing.  Hard enough competition as it is, it must take some bravery to get up there like that.


Father in law is here.  Good visit.  He’s being well-fed so he’s happy.  We’re going to treat him to sushi sometime this week so I thought I’d dig this pic up.

Yes, I’m horrible for thinking it is funny.  No, I did not do it.  Don’t even remember where it came from.



I saw this five days ago and just thinking about it today caused a testicular rupture.

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Oh he is so doomed…

How do you know you are a dead man?

A California couple is asking the public for help locating a woman who the husband accidentally sold a box to without realizing his wife’s $23,000 wedding ring was inside.

He’s dead, and he knows it.

More later…

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I have followed this NSA thing this last week and a number of things keep circulating in my head.

One, is anyone really surprised? Was anyone surprised that this capability existed?

Two, the guy did us a favor by showing real proof.

Three, the guy broke an oath, or at the very least a binding sworn contract that he would not blab. That is really totally uncool. I am not fond of whistleblowers.

Four, he wasn’t in an enviable situation. What he was seeing was wrong and there should be a lot of folks embarrassed that they played a part in this mess. This guy is in the grey area of no right solution, no fair solution, but cold hard facts. Life sucks.

Five, Obama owns this. Bush owns this, too, but Obama has no higher moral ground.

Six, I heard some wanker from higher up actually say “We can’t read all those emails.” … as if that makes it ok. It doesn’t matter! If you cannot read them, why do you need them? This leads to the logic of “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you won’t mind us searching your stuff.”

Seven, Obama said:

America is “going to have to make some choices” balancing privacy and security

… I ask… WHY? At the expense of my online privacy, my telephone calls, tracking my movements via cellphones, and at some point my vehicles as well?

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Eight, short of a figurative nuclear smoking gun, Obama is political Teflon(tm).


Spaced Diode is nearly home, sailing back from Bermuda. I have sent him the following plaintext message:

spaced diode do not come home stop zombies have us surrounded stop we have been holed up and all are safe until the beans and water run out stop it was not the manatees stop it was the squirrels stop the squirrels were ground zero stop pray for us all stop

I hope he gets the message in time.

This seems to be where he is at the moment.


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I have weturned… again.

My buddy Spaced Diode has been sailing to Bermuda and arrived there on Sunday.bmudaHe’s there now.  I begged him to let me go on the trip – it was five days non-stop sailing in shifts.  I said “Let me cook, or clean, or… I’ll be an anchor!  Yeah!  I’ll be an anchor and I’ll scrub the bottom of the boat while it’s underway!”

If I were still single or without kids I would have flown to Bermuda and made sure I was on the dock sipping a Dr. Pepper as he sailed up and said “Hey, where the $*#)(%^ have you been?”   It would rock him on his oh-so-rational-heels.

He was concerned about sea-sickness prior to leaving.  Said the Dramamine patch has been known to trigger psychoses.  (I suggested using three to five units at all times but no more than six because then, yes, there are some side effects bordering on a true psychotic break).  Then there was the concern about nasty-mannered whales and ballast-blowing submarines.

I promptly mentioned rogue waves, meteorite impacts in the ocean, tsunamis, giant squid, forests of jellyfish, and zombie manatees.

When he gets back we’re going to go on a 1-2 day sail on Lake Michigan.  Leave the wives and kids behind and enjoy two days of silence.  And talk about geeky shit.


The Dept. of Homeland Insecurity assures us that laptops and phones can be searched based on hunches.  Note the wording and the order of said wording:

It contends limiting such searches would prevent the U.S. from detecting child pornographers or terrorists and expose the government to lawsuits.

Well, who doesn’t think it is a good idea to catch child-ped-pr0n’ers?  And while we’re at it we’ll catch terrorists, too!  So let us search your shit, too, you perv.  – TSA Commandant Sausagefingers McPhee as he genuflected towards Obama’s life-sized halo’ed marble statue (the one where he’s riding Karl Rove with a saddle and spurs)

This reminds me in a lot of ways of Mitchell’s favoritest movie – Blade Runner.  Deckard goes to meet a replicant named Zhora, who is a nude dancer and he is pretending to be an authority.

Deckard: I’m not here to make you join. No ma’am. That’s not my department. Actually, uh. I’m from the, uh, Confidential Committee on Moral Abuses.

Zhora: Committee of Moral Abuses?

Deckard: Yes, ma’am. There’s been some reports that the management has been taking liberties with the artists in this place.

Zhora: I don’t know nothing about it.

Deckard: Have you felt yourself to be exploited in any way?

Zhora: How do you mean, exploited?

Deckard: Well, like to get this job. I mean, did you do, or– or were you asked to do anything that’s lewd or unsavory or otherwise, uh, repulsive to your person, huh?

Zhora: Ha. Are you for real?

Deckard: Oh yeah. I’d like to check your dressing room if I may.

Zhora: For what?

Deckard: For, uh, for holes.


If you’ve [done_something_here] and experienced five or more of the following symptoms, [snip] you’ve probably been [catastrophic_occurrence]: restlessness, nervousness, excitement, insomnia, flushed face, diuresis (having to pee a lot), gastrointestinal disturbance, muscle twitching, rambling flow of thought and speech, tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia, periods of inexhaustibility or psychomotor agitation (unintentional motion, say, rapidly bouncing one leg).

So, what could cause all that?  It’d pretty much have to be high doses of cocaine or crystal meth, right?

No, the writers of the new Metrosexual DSM-V Psychiatric Guidelines apparently have a need, a physically-manifesting burning need that somehow mimics chlamydia, to add whole new sections so that most anyone can be classified as at least something.  That something will either have an ObamaCare billing code attached to it – OR – it will have a flag that makes you ineligible to be a legal owner of a weapon.  That is my supposition, based on absolutely nothing other than full-fledged paranoiac tendencies fueled by lots of…  you’ll see.

That description above is the description for drunk on caffeine.  The syndrome?

In December 2011 when caffeine withdrawal was announced as being “recommended for inclusion” in the DSM-5, work-group member Alan J. Budney attempted to address the controversy:

“We feel that there is enough data to support a caffeine-withdrawal syndrome. There are enough people who go into withdrawal — that if they don’t get caffeine, it becomes a real syndrome and can affect work, sleep, or whatever they need to do. So we’re suggesting that it ‘make the big leagues’ and become part of the DSM to make sure everyone is aware of it.”

Caffeine withdrawal is a mental disorder.

I call BS, because I am at this very moment chilling down from a long workday with an 8oz Red Bull™.  If I was mentally disordered it would be at least a 12oz size.


They say that this is a dog and not a fleecy towel with a nose sewn on.


Apparently kittens can be disabled and make us look like whiny bastard pieces of shit without even trying.  But they do it cutely.

This kitten has been nicknamed ‘Squitten’ after being born with a deformity in her front paws that means she sits and walks on her hind legs like a squirrel.
Petal, a five-month-old, suffers from a rare condition that means she has no bones after the elbow joint in her front legs so they are permanently bent inwards.
She is unable to run like other felines and has no choice but to either waddle on her rear legs or slouch forward onto her crooked limbs.

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