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Sometimes, like today, I haven’t much to say. Alert reader Black Lab on Amphetamines alerted me to this pic. Yes, it has been done. Yes there are a million of them on the net.

This one looks like my kitten who turns 1 year old tomorrow, so I am using it.


And this, just because.



And this one I ask… Why?

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By now you have figured out that the biggest thing to happen to me in a decade (that was pure fun) was our recent trip to Texas.

What you do not know is the dark and seedy underbelly of Texas, at least their part in what I suspect to be a global conspiracy.

My kids were very excited at Sea World – they were getting to see Shamu. The first two pics are Shamu at Sea World, in Texas.

shamu2 shamu1

This next pic is Shamu in Los Angeles.


These are all three different than I remember as a kid in Los Angeles.

I suspect that this “Shamu”… is not the same whale in any of the appearances. If “Shamu” is even his real name.

Yes. It is THAT DARK.

Hey, speaking of attention whores, have a look at Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga. The most miserable excuse for a human being since Marilyn Manson.

Now look at two non-attention-whores who were having a lot of fun with a boa. Lemurita and HackerBoy love snakes.

LemuritaBoa-081513 HackerBoyBoaThis still doesn’t fix the problem with the damn killer whale and the issue of the geckos in Texas having a drawl and not a cockney brit accent, which I’ve come to expect if I’m going to save 15% or more in 15minutes or less when buying my car insurance over the phone.

More later. It is 2:30am.

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