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i go with Lemurita to Oregon tomorrow. We will visit my dad and sister. He cannot travel so it will be good to see him wi the girl.

We leave behind Cruel Wife and HackerBoy. It is a win for CW because she can hang out with HackerBoy AND Jake the Pool Boy. And HackerBoy gets total Mom time, a better Wii playing partner, a waterpark, and deep-fried fish and chips.

Pisses me off since we don’t even have a pool but I will get over it, I guess.

My daughter can hold my hand and keep me from freaking on the plane. Valium will help, too, I am sure. I would rather douse myself in turpentine and belly-crawl through broken glass while buck naked.

I don’t have much to say so i will post a video of pure evil. I snorted tea hard enough to get a teabag string and bag-tag stuck in a tearduct.

If this video doesn’t post I will fix it a bit later. Damn iPad blogging software.

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