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It is with a grateful and heavy heart that we prepare to leave the Siths in Darkest Deepest Hottest Texas.

We all had fun and were charmed and touched by turns by the entire family and their generosity of heart, spirit, time, and laughs.

We were treated to good food, good conversation, great tour guides, learning experiences, lessons for the kids.

So, in a strange mix of sadness at leaving and desire to see our own home, we leave the Siths and board a train bound for the land of “Are you talking to me?” Instead of pleases, thank you, and y’all’s.

I would like to hope that we were able to give something back – experiences, conversations, joking, eating, and sharing.

So I have to say: gosh I will miss these folks but also I miss being able to kick my own cat.

Stay tuned. I hope to have Lemur pics from today fairly soon.

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Hospitality of the Sith

We had a great trip to Texas on the train. It was long and mostly uneventful except for a transient and his dog on the tracks outside of Saint Louis. The food was excellent, with Cruel Wife opting for dead cow steaks and me gnawing on braised beef ribs.

We are now visiting the Sith(s).

Our kids enjoy the company of theirs and vice-versa. Mr. Sith (Mr. Aggie) and I see many things in a similar way and enjoy keeping our kids’ minds flexible.

Southern hospitality is a nice change from Detroit’s studied indifference. I could live in this area without a great deal of trouble.

The only truly disturbing thing was a grocery store mascot whose costume is that of a giant paper bag full of giant groceries that look wholly inedible. Truth be told the fake groceries look mildly nauseating. All three times I saw it I got the heebiedejeebies. As it passed me in the aisle it touched me (no, not in that way) and I creeped out a bit. But it scurried away after a short burst of harsh language and a swipe at its produce.

Hackerboy played video games and Lemurita learned from Aggie how to fold books into some kind of ornamental fan thing which completely captured her attention. Mr. Aggie took myself and Lemurita outside this evening and taught her how to catch geckos with some secret ninja-lizard-catching trick. She very nearly caught one but held several.

All in all their reputation for evil seems a bit misplaced but the week is not done yet. A Sith mind-choke-pinch thingy could come at any moment. For the moment I shall continue to sleep with one eye open.

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I have been working more than i would prefer but am purposely scaling back prior to our vacation to see The Siths.

Housekeeper and Tender of the Beests, check. Bills paid, check. Time off, check, check, check. Train tickets, check. Packed and ready to go, not so checked.

Yes, train. We are taking a train to see the Siths in Deepest Darkest Texas. We will smoke meat, spend money (wimmenfolk and chilluns), and escape by fishing somewhere (me and Mr. Sith). I have packed the dry rub, which is of paramount importance.

Here is a pic of me trying to explain to CW last week why I had to work late again.


Speaking of CW… She sent me this today. Great one.


The shop is nearly wired. In a few weeks the contractor will start on getting it ready to put in a concrete pad. I am in a tizzy but my calm demeanor may be at odds with that declaration. Just tired.

Have a pic of Melody and Jilly-boo. Note the kitten’s size and her submissive stance around Jill.


Now have a pic of Mel and Jill intently watching Hackerboy’s tuna fish sandwich. Note their clear hesitation at getting too close.


Hackerboy was busy using Cruel Wife’s iPad and email account this morning when I got up… he was fixin’ to send a message to the makers of a video game, expressing his displeasure at their game. The kid is seven. We need to watch him more closely.

A side project of mine is playing with LED lighting. On Amazon I got 15′ rolls of LED’s for $13. I took an old train caboose lantern that already had red glass and installed a pipe for heat conduction and wrapped the LED’s around it, ending up with a lantern that makes an awesome night light. It won’t keep you awake but is excellent for seeing at night when you get up to answer nature’s call. Either that or we can open a brothel.


I am currently figuring out how to mount a 4-5 inch lens in a brass ring, ala-steampunk, and internally ring the lens with green LED’s. It is a surprise for CW… Shhh, don’t tell.

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A week ago I went with a friend to “be there” while she got a real diagnosis on some skin cancer that has, uh… gone beyond.

It wasn’t pleasant but the news that there is a 70-80% chance that it hasn’t gone on a jaunt through her body is better than we envisioned prior to going in there.  It seemed quite grim before.  So there is a chance.

Add to that the shoulder MRI and cortisone shot and lots of work hours and I’ve been a bit waterlogged.

But I could be worse!

I have a stark bat-crap crazy co-worker who is such an illogical emotional flaming liberal that he actually annoys me.  I found this somewhere – I’ll dig it up first chance I get – and it just FITS…  He does this almost daily, sometimes baiting me just so he can pull what we now at work refer to as a Papa Foxtrot (Poo Flinging).


Alert reader The Dude has kept me fed with lots of images gathered from God only knows where.


My favorite because it has attitude.


This snail has ambition. Hard to knock snails with ambition.


This is why fathers protect their daughters.




This dispenser would be empty far more than the regular scotch tape and that only lasts hours.

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