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Let’s just do this already.

[Warning… Moderately peeved alert.]

A large number of people are calling for another year before pulling the trigger on Obamacare.

Congress has decided it is just too rich for their blood and have had such an attack of conscience about how much better OC is for them that they have waived it for themselves and their staffers. Apparently the guilt over the huge increase in benefits they would be given by ObamaCare just keeps them up at nights.

The savings passed on to businesses has many unions and businesses (such as McDonald’s) suffering so much anxiety about the huge surge in their profits that they are begging to be cut from the program.

Indeed, the government has managed to trim so much cost out that the original cost increase to a family of four will go from the $7500 above current rates to returning $2500 to the average family, below current rates.

So why are we waiting on this totally awesome hunk of law? It can only help, right?

Yeah, this will be fair.

Think “long waiting” when you think “need to see the doctor” – also think “sharing the avoidable deaths progressively”

This won’t kill my family financially but it would put us on the edge. I would become… vexed.

Right now I am thinking of the grotesquely fat guy in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”. Obamacare is the necessary explosion of the pigs at the trough.

Seriously, given how hard this is going to crater I want the voting public to decide just how “independent” they really are by election time. Let’s just do this thing. If we are going to do a non-negotiable radical Brazilian using a few gallons of wax paste on our privates let us just get it over with instead of lots of little tugs.

I have suggested in the past but I suspect there is some truth here… The truest power one has over something is if one can destroy it and is willing to do so. I wonder if it will be necessary for conservatives to threaten their party leaders with mass defection, going so far as to vote for the other side to burn out root and branch. There may be no other way to remove the offensive vermin in power, because by far the most offensive ones are the ones who cannot stand on principles because they have none. At least the liberals have not turned coats, because they proudly displayed their colors all along.


Yeah. I am in a mood.

Alert reader The Dude passed on to me this pic of an awesome guard dog.


Good enough to see twice.


Chilies get dangerous.


You know this to be true.


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