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Lots of dust around here.

It is dusty from the housework. And it is mold season. I chopped a bucket of onions. Cat dander makes my eyes itch. Stubbed my toe.


Safe to say I feel like a heel for thinking today was a bad day.

I didn’t put myself in front of you to have you feel bad for me,” he says at the beginning of the film. “I put myself in front of you to let you know you don’t need to feel bad for me. I want you to know me. This is my life, and progeria is part of it. It’s not a major part of it, but it is part of it. – Sam Bernstein

No Sam, I don’t feel bad for you, you obviously have loving friends and family and are touched by grace. I do feel sad for the things you won’t do, and I feel sad about all the people that will not see you for who you are.

My weak spot is for kids and those who are the underdog. So yeah, this is a dusty damn house.


Ok, in a bold move to dissociate myself from humanity, I will post this, too.

LEGO Walter White and Breaking Bad meth kitchen


I have Cruel Wife firmly hooked into The Walking Dead and we are roaring through them at a rate of 2-3 episodes a night. She no longer flinches when a walker head goes kerblooey in a splash of black goo. I keep telling her it is a chick flick with dead people.


And to totally offset my karma, I bring you…. Kinect pr0n, and it is NSFW.


Now for some laughs.


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Chronicles of a Pumpkin Pumper

Pumpkin Pumper 9000(tm) does not cool as well as hoped (because I was too lazy to do the calcs), and so I will be transitioning to my water cooled system. I will post photos of that later.

I temperature tested it with a thermocouple and it was screaming past 140F with no hint of slowing down so I decided that for the sake of longevity it was best to go with water.

Melody kitty was very intent on seeing what we were doing and did not seem to mind the brightness.


Here is the shop lit up from the back patio. The PP9000 is fully capable of bringing everything out of the shadows.

I have blanked out Cruel Wife (because she wants to be anonymous) but here she is holding the light up.

The thing is like a miniature sun and this is as close to the camera sensor as I dared take a picture from.

We illuminated the underside of the trees quite nicely, too.


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PumpkinPumper 9000(tm)

(I have bedtime stories to read so I will embellish this more later)

Here is the PumpkinPumper 9000 ™ all hooked up with its power supply and heat sink. ID10T Killer gave me the CPU fan off of an old computer. Rectified Diode helped me spec out the supply and make sure I would not let the smoke out using that mythical “electron stuff”.

If it pulsed fast enough and you put high reflectivity mirrors on both sides you might make an orange laser (uhhhh, about 575nm?). 9ns is unrealistic for this diode so probably not.

The “9000” refers to the nominal 9350 lumens it can put out.  It can go as high as 12000 but that is at 36V.


Turned on its side you can see the stack up. The thing has been cut, tapped, pinned, lapped, heat sink compounded. The arms on the heat sink are bowed about 2mm to provide quite a bit of clamping force.


You DO NOT want to look at it when it is lit up. I do not have any neutral density filters to take a picture with so I will take some indirect pics and some after it is actually pumping something.   Just a few minutes before bedtime, CW and I got some outdoor pics with it.

I have to say…. I do no think this cooling solution is adequate.  I may go to a water heat exchanger.


Next is Lemurita, standing in my shop. Legend has it that it will be done next next week. The garage door opening will be walled in and a sturdy shop door put in.


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Hump Day Whoring.

Our Silver d’Cat was the same breed and had the exact same expression after a combing. same amount of fur, too.

And the “Creepiest Damn Dog of the Year” award goes to this thing. Admittedly a shock collar earns this behavior but that is still creepy.

it is now “after Breaking Bad” (ABB) and one thing keeps returning to my mind.

Well, that and this…

And this…

if you’ll excuse me, the children are crunching chicken bones to eat the marrow and it disturbs my concentration. Yes, my kids seek out bone marrow, proving they have at least in part been raised by wolves.


Regarding what you owe, which is said to be $$123,000 per employed worker is worse than that.

Remember, almost 50% aren’t going to pay taxes, so the rest of us actually are on the hook for something like a cool quarter million. Now, how about that?

And still the republicans blinked, because to default “would harm America”. Nice.

While I would liked to have seen Ramsey do the actual math, his point was still made.

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Pumping pumpkins.

Hey, look at what is coming to a Halloween near you at Lemur House!


That is a 100W LED. Not a 100W equivalent, but it consumes 100W. At that level I think it is a 10000 to 12000 lumen source.

Let us just say that when I get the heat sink installed and the fan integrated, you will not be able to look directly at the pumpkin. I lit it up for Cruel Wife outside and she was wide eyed.

The thing is actually an eye hazard if you look at it at full power.

I spent many hours reading spec sheets from all over, looking a voltage-current lumen curves, power consumption, and thermal design. If you want one it is pretty easy. It will set you back about $100 for the diode and supply.

I did a 1200W incandescent pumpkin a few years ago. This will be all that but this is not going to cook the pumpkin and be a better light. It will put it out into a 120 degree cone so when you shine it on your garage it is wife spookingly bright.

CW is more supportive of this than thermite or flaming pumpkins

At least these guys have the balls to stand up to the government.

Admittedly, there are kids that eat magnets, but it is a parent’s job to watch their kids. Kids play with glass, matches, and rabid mongooses, but we aren’t outlawing them.

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Oh, Korea…

Could have sworn i blogged this, but i guess not. Having posting issues with the server so apologies if this is messed up.

Co-worker Inscrutable Half-Breed sent me a pic last week.

He said “Man, those Koreans will make kimchi out of everything.”

My sister, who adopted a beautiful little korean girl about the same age as Lemurita, swears she is going to hell for laughing at that.

The Dude sent me some images last night… one he said I should be careful or it could happen to me (a reflection on me, not a statement about my kids)…

That is a fear of mine. Why perpetuate the cycle?

Which leads to the next one.

more later…

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Do these help anybody?

Fox News put out one of thousands of such useless lists made every year, one that lists 11 high-stress jobs.

It is an old link but the thought is still there.

I am all for lists.  Engineers couldn’t function without lists.  But there are lists and there are lists.  Some you just throw around to keep track of a pool of things that you should get around to.  Other lists are highly critical must-do-now things.  Still others are “I have to look like I’m doing something in this meeting besides napping” kinds of affairs.

Lists of B.S. things are meant for our entertainment.  But some lists (like the one shown below) are meant to be useful when it is so incomplete in so many ways, self-evident in many, and completely arbitrary in others, and are next to useless.

Lists of High-Stress Jobs?

Doctor/nurse, Farmer, Teacher, Firefighter, Combat Soldier, Air Traffic Controller, Restaurant Manager, Stockbroker, Probation Officer, Accountant, Salesperson.

What good does it do to pick those?

What about cops, pilots, engineers, factory workers, seamstress, chemists, lawyers, etc. etc.? They all have to get it right, too. plenty of other people willing to take their place.

I’d argue that pretty darned near ANY job can be high-stress.  And the amount of stress one experiences depends to an extremely high degree how much you give a rat’s ass about the quality of your work and how imminent death or layoffs are.  There are some people who are genetically gifted and their body rejects stress like water off a duck’s back – and some who thrive on it like e-coli in a meat packing plant.

Are all window-washer jobs the same?  What about guards?   Cashiers?   Chicken sexers?   Librarians?  The list goes on.  But are they all cut-and-dried?  Hell no!

I’m out to lunch on the following jobs, thinking they might be pretty low-stress, however.

Dog groomer, jelly donut filler, balloon-filler, donkey fluffer…


Oh yeah, on the way home one wank on NPR said critical jobs with the CDC are not open because of the republicans, adding two nightmare scenarios: Lyme Disease or West Nile outbreak.



yeah, the Lyme Disease Plague of  1993 was pretty bad.  Gotta be watchful of that, just like Ebola.

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