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PumpkinPumper 9000(tm)

(I have bedtime stories to read so I will embellish this more later)

Here is the PumpkinPumper 9000 ™ all hooked up with its power supply and heat sink. ID10T Killer gave me the CPU fan off of an old computer. Rectified Diode helped me spec out the supply and make sure I would not let the smoke out using that mythical “electron stuff”.

If it pulsed fast enough and you put high reflectivity mirrors on both sides you might make an orange laser (uhhhh, about 575nm?). 9ns is unrealistic for this diode so probably not.

The “9000” refers to the nominal 9350 lumens it can put out.  It can go as high as 12000 but that is at 36V.


Turned on its side you can see the stack up. The thing has been cut, tapped, pinned, lapped, heat sink compounded. The arms on the heat sink are bowed about 2mm to provide quite a bit of clamping force.


You DO NOT want to look at it when it is lit up. I do not have any neutral density filters to take a picture with so I will take some indirect pics and some after it is actually pumping something.   Just a few minutes before bedtime, CW and I got some outdoor pics with it.

I have to say…. I do no think this cooling solution is adequate.  I may go to a water heat exchanger.


Next is Lemurita, standing in my shop. Legend has it that it will be done next next week. The garage door opening will be walled in and a sturdy shop door put in.


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