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Shhhh. It is a secret.

Ok, I got Cruel Wife the coolest thing for Christmas. It is a

Seriously, she reads this blog. Sometimes. Once a year. And if I say what it was, it will be tomorrow that she reads it.

So instead, we will turn to the other little secret. The Secret of the Smoking Vagina. The woman is 26, folks. Look what meth has done for her. She looks like a ravishing septagenarian rhesus monkey with dry itchy skin.

Cops do not get paid enough.

Here is a good story for you. Talk about a guy who has had a life changing experience.

Cruel Wife knew I was having a rough day and dared me to watch this without smiling.

I tried to be a hardass. I was in a Dennis Leary “Asshole Song” mood. I tried to say “meh”. Failed.

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