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… Not suffer a fire ant to live…

God bless this man and his holy works. May he cast the all with molten lakes of fiery aluminum.

Stay classy, Big O… Nothing like having a great time at a memorial.


Ah, Orygun, the crazy place of my youth. Sometimes, like Obama and his crew, just don’t make the cut and achieve great things. Obama has had more practice at abject failure however, and has reached new heights of loserdom. If it has been that he has fallen so far it is because he has been able to fall from the shoulders of giants. In this case, Orygun has leapt hand in hand with Obama into a kiddy pool filled with turpentine and broken glass.

Ohbamacare. We are so screwed.


Steamed BBQ pork buns… Oh Lord help me, I so love these things.

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