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Thursday, just another Thursday.

Pr0n stars against the genital mutilation of rodents. I did not know there was such a problem. Nor would I ever have thought to check.


Let’s see, I could talk about Chris Christie but he is kind of loathesome and at present I just hope he crashes and burns. And frankly, the thought of him in the Oval Office creeps me out more than rodent genital mutilation.

Let us talk instead of other things.

I believe that it is pretty much established that Obamacare is going to mess with insurance for most us in uncomfortable ways. It is likely that some of us will even pay more, which is a trifle shocking.

In point of fact, there are other ways this may tamper with things. For instance, this morning I saw some mail from our insurance that said my prescribed 12 visits of PT for back are in question – they now authorize only 3 visits, and any more than that will require additional justification from my doctor (another call in and more hassle). This is essentially more work and time, and work/time costs more money, not less.


It reminded me of the period where my auto insurance was covering my neck problems. The auto insurer was doing this handshake agreement with my medical insurance. It was terribly confusing. Now tell me what happens when your medical premiums go up because it all becomes more expensive. Do you think your automobile premiums will stay the same?

Think about this. Do you really think there is any reason to believe that auto premiums won’t swing upwards at all?

I have faith in human nature, and unlike liberals, I think the free market has more sway over fair prices than government regulations. The democrats think that they have got problems, and they think single-payer is the solution (or was the original goal), but if auto premiums rise… They will have troubles, too.

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