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Nothing like being a media whore in the science spotlight. I can see it, but selfies is borderline presidential.


Only in America (Oregon, specifically) can it take a court to grant us RIGHTS WE ALREADY HAD.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Friday that bloggers and the public have the same First Amendment protections as journalists when sued for defamation: If the issue is of public concern, plaintiffs have to prove negligence to win damages.

Yeah, it is a federal appeals court, but face it, Oregon is still a massive train wreck.

They studied Obama well, though… Let the website people be the whipping boy.

Hey, have a cute pic of rats with teddy bears. Courtesy of Angry French Woman.


Snowden has less life expectancy than a bunch of bananas.

When spy guys are openly saying they want to stick a toxic shiv into you so you die later at home while they gloat, you are in trouble.

I am torn because while he ultimately did everyone a favor I don’t approve of traitors.


Hahahahahahahahahah. Hah. The quotes from this guy belong on a demon’s resume.

While the president recognized the surveillance program has grown in recent years, he also strongly defended those who work in the intelligence community, saying they do not abuse power. “After all,” he said, “the folks at NSA and other intelligence agencies are our neighbors and our friends.”

“Those who defend these programs are not dismissive of civil liberties,” Obama said.


Oh yeah, NSA: We luvs you guys. Keep up the good work, neighbors.


What is that? You want to re-watch the latest narcissistic media whore crying because she feels burned by Obama?

Somehow “I told you so” just don’t cover it.

This Face Slimmer thing I saw on World’s Dumbest Inventions… Probably the best chance you will ever have to look like a blow up doll.


No, I did not see it, either.


Et tu, broccoli?


Passed on by The Dude… Note the FaceTome watermark – I have seen enough funny stuff originate from there, you might wander by and check it out.


That is all for now. Everybody panic.

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