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Buyer’s Remorse.

My opinion can be summed up like this…

If you have any complaints about Obamacare you must declare who you voted for in the last two elections. If you say “Obama” at any time, you must then apologize, saying “I was wrong.”

And then sit down.

Why? Because I am beyond tired of people who sit there with wounded puppy expressions of betrayal as they realize that warnings from people who knew Obamacare was bad medicine were absolutely on the mark.

I am not saying the people linked above voted Obama but several of them have the expression of surprise, like they just could not see this coming.

Yes, you’re a broken toy if this fails to make you smile.


How do you know when it is not your time? When you survive an industrial woodchipper.

Arce’s injuries are severe, and he is expected to remain in the hospital for at least the next few weeks. Arce sustained a broken pelvis, seven broken ribs, a shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg, a collapsed lung and a deep cut that runs the entire length of the back of his body. The cut was so deep it crushed his knee, and he remains on a heavy dose of pain medication at the hospital.

He remained conscious throughout the ten-second shredding.

The guy said the worst part wasn’t the injury, it was not knowing what would happen. Been there and I buy that.

Golly, this explains a lot. Science has proven short people are paranoid.

No, I don’t see how this could have a downside. Automatic-release bras. It is all good, right?


Well, if we are not going to declare race when describing suspects for crimes, then sex cannot be used, nor car type, nor weapons used.

Because us white male T-bird owners who lawfully own shotguns get tired of hearing about white male bank robbers driving T-birds who wield shotguns – it makes us feel unsafe and untrusted.

And men are always being singled out in rape reports and wife beatings, how is that for unfair? Men everywhere… The repeated male, male, male suspect… It really discomforts men because they feel like suspicions begin to increase.

How loud and sustained was the black outcry over the term “white Hispanic”? I forget.

And actually they do increase, those suspicions. I have had women refuse to say hello or look up on the street, mothers shield their kids, and nervous glances because I was male. And it is understandable – I don’t even trust men with my wife or daughter’s safety unless I really know them… 99.99% of rapists are male (please do not cite me the stats on male victims of female rapists, I am not even remotely interested).

Tell you what… How’s about we start seeing more guys stepping up and beating the everlovin’ piss out of the guys who are committing the crimes rather than piss and moan about something that isn’t going to change because it should not have to? Declare the race and gender of every suspect and be done with it. In case everyone forgot, the goal is to catch the bastards or beaches who did the crime, not dither over hurt feelings.

Seriously, is this such a problem? I have zero problems with turning a beaten-bloody rapist over to the police and saying “He must’ve slipped on a bar of soap” and descriptions of a white male holding up the gas station around the corner don’t affect me in the least. It just is what it is.

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