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I find it interesting that they want Blackhawk helicopters, F16’s, and snipers at the Super Bowl.

It raises a lot of questions.

If a sniper shoots a player is it interference? Is there a penalty assessed?

Are the snipers armed with shotguns? That is what Biden says is good enough for us.
F16’s? Are terrorists spoiling for dogfights now?

Will Justin Bieber be allowed to attend? Because nothing is as American mom-and-apple-pie at a game as a wasted narcissistic asshole, even if he is from Canadastan. He and Rob Ford ought to start a tour, they are both so talented.

Just what is a Blackhawk going to do if they spot a “bad guy”? Soften the 10-yard line up with sustained mini gun fire?

If the gov’t is telling us all this, I wonder what its real trump card is… If there are more bad guys than they expect are they going to drop daisy cutters, a MOAB, or even tactical nukes? These are game stoppers (hard to imagine something worse than Janet Jackson’s old boob).

No, snipers at SB are not new, just still seems wrong. Why not just put up towers in all the big cities and events? Why not put control collars on everyone for our safety?

There is only just so much I will tolerate to be “safe”.

The Dude tells me that there is a big push to get kids back into the library.


I think it will lead to increased blindness and less overall reading…


What is this steampunk thing I love so much?



PitSnipesGripes… This is the true definition of a dick move.  You use your wish to pull the greatest practical joke ever, and it means the other guy has no way to retaliate.  Besides wish the same on you.  Talk about going to hell together in an embrace.


Maybe more later.

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