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H/t to Cruel Wife for having family or acquaintance of high enough caliber to post this someplace. She told me a minute ago but I forgot already.


H/t to Black Lab on Amphetamines for his find for the day.

And this one escapes me entirely.


So Woody Allen is being called on what is already he worst kept secret in the world, that he is a pedophile.

And Barbara Walters defends him because she knows him and he is a nice guy. Allen defended by Barbara Walters.

When Jenny McCarthy said that Dylan had nothing to gain by making this an issue, Walters jumped in, and said, “She is supposedly very angry, but she is doing it now because he’s up for an award. So the question is does your personal life interfere with the awards.”

Sherri Shepherd then suggested that many criminals had people who thought they were wonderful human beings. Walters objected again: “That’s not what I’m saying!…How do you judge people? You judge people primarily by being with them, by seeing them. The fact that he ‘likes younger women,’ that has nothing to do –“

That’s when Shepherd jumped in again and reminded Walters that Soon Yi was not of age when Woody Allen began dating her. Again, Walters defended Allen: “You have no idea what he did…it’s unfair.” She insisted that was fine because she they eventually married. “There are people in relationships where there are children who were adopted who do not see them in the same way,” Walters stated.

Personally, there isn’t a pit big enough to contain the flaming scorn I have for Allen. But I will say this…

The statute of limitations is up. By throwing out an accusation like this she essentially gets all the protection in the world by the world and he does not get a chance to have his day in court. Like it or not, this creep who should be hung with a piano wire does deserve a public trial rather than accusations that he has no defense against by default.

As I say, I think he is a ped, but he deserved to be tried in a court of law, not the public arena. Her timing IS suspect, and is generated solely as retaliation.

And Walters, “The fact that he likes younger women has nothing to do -“… Yeah, it has everything to do with everything, because he is a predator.

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