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Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok…

So, if I use an under expanded flow nozzle with a small secondary resonance chamber I can create a more or less harmonic oscillation as a shock wave builds and collapses (Hartmann resonance tube). If that is fed into a parabolic reflector and then coupled to an exponential cone resonator cavity… Then the resultant pressure and particle velocity waves should not stack and create shock wave front or couple into harmonics…

…and put it all together in the Dr. Lemur Ethereal DePestinator(tm).

Yes, kids, a Steampunk thing that will have real science if no worldly application beyond making a deafeningly loud 1KHz tone.

And by deafening, I mean what I think won’t immediately reach 150dB but it won’t be far away. It seems that the viscosity of air may be a limiting factor.

But some mathey stuff seems to be in order first.

Note: I am having some fun with this. Obviously.

Speaking of science… Should you believe it?

Never take it at face value. On Watts Up with That is a nice illustration of how badly probability can behave, even when guests are visiting.

I pointed this one out before but in light of the “95% certainty that the world is heading for Thermageddon”, I wanted to reaffirm that figures do not lie but figures don’t mean jack if they aren’t framed properly, and people lie like rugs.

Thanks, cracked.com!

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