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Frozen bubblage.

It is -5F now and Cruel Wife and I put the kids in bed and did something I have wanted to do for over a month.

We went out of the house for a little fun. We blew bubbles.

These are bubbles frozen in mid air, caught, and torn.






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Did she get dinner first?

Woman inseminated by cooked squid.

Yeah. I thought it was peculiar, too.

Wherever Drudge gets the pics, he uses them well.


I am not sure if I posted this but I think I first saw it on New Year’s Eve or around then. Lighting makes the mood, and boy does it.

Rotate your owl was like this but not as cool. Ultra-stabilized camera.

Restore your frown-cracked child’s face with a casting..

Now THAT is a tat. I don’t know squat about Twitter. CW sent me the link, so however you trail after the guy or whatever, it is up to you.


Spike Lee qualifies as Prick of the Year 2014. Rather than say “Hey, awesome!” or “How can we get everyone together to make a strong community and make it a place where people trust and thrive?” he focuses on the same old negative and racist patterns of thought.

. I am thinking that next time we have a “discussion” or “dialogue” about race, maybe we should include crappy attitudes, too.

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