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Intense burning sensation.

This guy eating a ghost pepper is about the funniest thing I have seen in some time, since at least last night.

Speaking of intense burn, how about the Obama Admin and their skillful mastery of the Iran situation?

If they knew it would happen and relaxed on Iran anyway, they are evil. If they are totally surprised, then they are fools.

Neither one is good.

Harrison Ford letting him have it…

Over at Dude I Want That is something I want, dude.


I don’t know why I want it but I know I need it. Maybe because it Is tactical.

And I would take a SlingBow, too.

So I was surfing through Cracked.com, and I ran into yet another one of those things where I initially said “Oh, man, I have no interest in that sick sh*t.”

And then I went on my merry way, only to become curious a minute later and wrestle with checking it out, because “How bad can it be, right?”

Note that G00gle’s helpful alternate response when I wanted to see what the Silent Hill franchise was up to these days on PS3 was “silent hill porn”. That did not end well. There are some sick-ass puppies out there. Note to self: Nurse’s uniforms cannot possibly ever be erotic, ever again. Ever.

If you played the game you will know what I mean.

So I will not link a link but will just show you what I saw, what made me curious enough to look. You walk yourself over to the manufacturer if you want, but I am not providing said link. Second word in the top sentence typed into G00gle will get you there.


I have baconlust.

I also am suffering from Scotch-Eggs-lust.
Japan, you guys need to get some serious help.

Another Dude I Want That item. 8.5″ Shotgun.

Really not sure that is legal. But regardless, it is stupid. Look how close his hand is to the end of that weapon. That is asking for someone to do some stupid thing with sloppy control and blow a few fingers off at the least.

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