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picture it night.

Not a lot to say tonight.  Well, I am happy that I have been freed from a project that has eaten me alive for about 8-9 months.  Now I can focus on my day job.  That is crazy enough but at least it hasn’t stymied every effort of mine while tying my hands.  So I am relieved.  Relieved in the same way one is relieved after being told to not urinate for an hour after real pain sets in and then finally being allowed to go.

As my friend Steamboat McGoo has said, Science Daily, where publishing never means having to say you are sorry, there does come an interesting tidbit – a drug that may block intensity receptors in the eyes for a time, which might be awesome for migraine sufferers. 

Pictures!  On to pictures!

Kawah Ijen… A sulfur mine.  Wowza.

Kawah Ijen.

if that doesn’t look like Satan’s sinus infection, I don’t know what does.

Cracked.com, you are awesome.  Is that not one of the cutest babies ever?

 Dali’s cats.

Dali’s persistence of crazy.

Pretty enticing description but a letdown after the duck derrière explosions tease.

Dali’s wet… cats.  I did not want to use the word cats.  Family blog.

Flies can be cool. Sorta.

Chocobo racing really exists.


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