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physics must not be profaned

We just watched “Outrageous Acts of Science” and I was appalled. Supposedly real physicists allowed a bad diagram to skirt through. Obscene. 


Repeat after me… “There is no such thing as centrifugal force”.  

None.  Never existed. Like the cake, it is a lie.


 There is no centrifugal force!  Only centripetal, and if you want to draw the reaction force then that seems reasonable, but you draw that vector from center of rotation to the ball.

Cruel Wife shakes her head when I go ballistic over this.  I just get so irritated that engineers and scientists are not rigorous “so the layman can understand it”.

It makes me mad when I go to all the trouble
of having Marta cook up about a hundred drumsticks,
then the guy at Marineland says,
“You can’t throw that chicken to the dolphins. They eat fish.”
Sure they eat fish, if that’s all you give them!

Man, wise up.

                                      – Jack Handey

Go back and look at the early versions of Popular Scientific.  They tell kids and interested adults how to make poisonous gases and lethal electronics for ****s sake.

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Your opinion does not matter.

A number of years ago, before Obama was elected the first time, I was afraid of the cries of racism that would come up whenever someone did so much as oppose Obama.

Yeah..well big surprise.  If anything, I think response to him has been lessened because of his race.

Joseph asked, How much of the opposition is race-based? And how much is policy based?

One commiteewoman said about half of the president’s detractors are against him because of his race, while another said it was over 50%.

The lowest guesstimate we got from a committee person was between 30-40%, which is still a ridiculous figure. And as always, there was some Bush bashing from folks, like calling the 43rd President of the United States illiterate, which is patently false.


Colorado man sues rescuers for $500,000… Because he was not saved soon enough.  He has a bad shoulder and bad dreams of shivering to death.  Yet he admits he is lucky to be alive.

Oh poor baby.  I swear, some people just need a good ass-kicking.  Lots of people go through worse and have long-lasting effects and they don’t pull this shit.


Snowden still is a weasel, but I can agree on this much at least.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.

Absolutely true.  Them Latin guys knew their stuff, huh?

Semper vigilo, fortis, paratus, et fidelis.

Still good advice.


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