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Ok, it has been in the news

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday that an NBA investigation concluded that the racist remarks made on a recording obtained by TMZ were made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Silver banned Sterling for life from any association from the Clippers organization or the NBA. He is not allowed to attend any games or practice, or be involved in any business relating to the running of the team. Sterling is also fined $2.5 million dollars, the maximum amount allowed by the NBA.

If you know me, you know guys like Sterling churn my stomach.  His ilk are ignorant sons of bitches and if he was hit by a bus I would shed no tears.


As ignorant and distasteful of a human being as he is, what did he do that was illegal?

He is entitled to his thoughts regardless of how crappy they are.  If the only response to his stupidity can only ever be punitive action then why are we not making laws against speech and thoughts?

Said Commisioner Silver:

Silver spoke to the press at an 11 a.m. news conference from New York, stating he will “do everything in my power” to force the sale of the Clippers.

“The hateful opinions voiced by that man are those of Mr. Sterling. The views expressed by Mr. Sterling are deeply offensive and harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage,” Silver said. “I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers association or the NBA. Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, he may not be present at any Clippers facility, and he may not participate in any business or decisions involving the team.”

Oh hell yes, the remarks were offensive.  Hateful?  Maybe.

Harmful?  Who was harmed?

harm (härm)
1. Physical or psychological injury or damage.
2. Wrong; evil.
tr.v. harmed, harm·ing, harms
To do harm to.
[Middle English, from Old English hearm.]


Definition of harm (n)
Bing Dictionary
harm[ haarm ]
damage or injury: physical, mental, or moral impairment or deterioration
injure somebody or something: to cause physical, mental, or moral impairment or deterioration

 Who was harmed?

The team also released the following statement and have planned a 5:45 p.m. news conference prior to Tuesday’s sold-out game: “We wholeheartedly support and embrace the decision by the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver today. Now the healing process begins.”

More than a dozen sponsors have dropped their support of the Clippers, including RedBull, CarMax and State Farm, as a result of the scandal.

“I can understand how upset they are, and I hope I can do everything under my power to bring them back into the NBA family,” Silver said.

Harm would be if people boycotted the Clippers as some hotheads have suggested.  It wouldn’t harm Sterling in the least.  It would harm the many people whose livelihoods depended upon the team, the stadium, and products…hot dog vendors, janitors, ticket-takers, etc.

“Whether or not these remarks were initially shared in private, they are now public and they represent his views,” Silver added.

His views.  His views are not illegal.  What IS illegal is the taping made of him by his mistress, the very taping everyone is using to crucify the turd.  But being a turd is not illegal.

“The healing process begins.”  Really?  People were so damaged by this ass that they have lifelong scars?  Really?

Let us look at what was said, to get a full view.

Silver said a forensic expert confirmed an audio recording taken by Sterling’s mistress, V. Stiviano, was not altered. In the clip, which was released by TMZ on Saturday, Sterling tells Stiviano, who is of African-American and Mexican descent, not to broadcast her association with “black people” at Clipper’s games. The audio clip was released shortly after she posted a picture of herself with Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson on Instagram, which has since been removed.

Moving on.

Don’t get me wrong.  If the guy disappears tomorrow, I don’t care.

I am troubled, however, that so many people screamed for blood over something said, and that an illegal recording was completely ignored.  It is the chilling willingness of people to not defend speech, regardless of its stupidity and distasteful nature.  That troubles me.


This brings a happy smile to my face.  Recognition where it is due.


Obama, in his simultaneous grasp and inability to recognize the obvious.

“When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk,” Obama said.

Here is a good example of non-Obama ignorance.  I was going to snip out the non-dumb parts but there were none.

PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) – A sample of albacore tuna caught off the shores of Oregon and Washington state have small levels of radioactivity from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, researchers said on Tuesday.

But authors of the Oregon State University study say the levels are so small you would have to consume more than 700,000 pounds of the fish with the highest radioactive level to match the amount of radiation the average person is annually exposed to in everyday life through cosmic rays, the air, the ground, X-rays and other sources.

Still, the findings shed some light about the impact of the meltdown on the Pacific Ocean following the March 2011 tsunami and subsequent power plant disaster, said Delvan Neville, a graduate research assistant at OSU and lead author of the study.

“I think people would rather have an answer on what is there and what isn’t there than have a big question mark,” Neville said.

At the most extreme, radiation levels tripled from fish tested before Fuskushima and fish tested after. That level was 0.1 percent of the level set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for concern.

“The levels were way too small to really be a food safety issue, but we still want to tell people about it so they know what’s there.” Neville said.

 I recall predicting this in an older post.

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I can’t resist this one because CW says I have to blog it.

A Zonkey.

Zonkey. Of course it is.


OK.  So Minecraft.  A life size 1:1 scale of the St. Louis Arch.  Life size.

I give you… St. Lemur’s Arch.

St. Lemur’s Arch.

Under the arch.  Lava lights it up at night.

That was built to the real arch.  I started with the equations for a catenary arch and built a table for elevation, displacement, centroid at each 1m interval.  Took about a week to make sure I translated it all correctly to MC analogue units.  It is 190-ish units high (base elevation 63) and 192 wide at the legs.  The triangular cross section is 14 wide at the base and 6 wide at the top.

The server-master did challenge us to build something that could be seen from space…

Took about 2 days.  Survival mode.  Zero deaths.  More cobblestone than I can count.

They say insanity and creativity suck face.  Well, I say that, anyway.

H/t to The Dude…

Paint job, awesome.

Another blackly humorous one… Wrap your normal garbage like this.

How to make garbage day more interesting.


 Why?   Beats the hell out of me.  I like Aliens.

Ok. Whatever.




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I have to give Michelle Obama some credit for deciding to forego crashing the party of the graduating senior class.

Do you know how she could have scored a huge win, even from me?

If she had said, herself, in her own words, “Hey, you guys were right.  It would not be fair to the graduates who deserve their recognition on their day, and I hadn’t thought about it.  So please accept my apology and let’s see what other arrangements can be made.”

That would have been classy.  It would have won respect.  God knows I have none for her or her husband, but that would have given me something.

But no. Being classy enough to honor others humbly is not something he Obamas are known for worldwide.

Abbey Rubottom, 18, said the change of plans would work best for graduates and their families, as well as other community members who are interested in what Mrs. Obama would have the say about the anniversary of the Brown decision.

This is the real question I have… What can she possibly have to say about this important day that no one has said over and over?  Does anyone pretend to not know with high odds of being correct all the same utterances, statements, and admonitions about how the job isn’t done yet?

Will the white Hispanic come up?  Will Holder come up?  Will her husband’s personal struggles come up?  

I think the civil rights movement was absolutely one of the best things to happen in a great long time.  I don’t think the opportunities have been capitalized on, however.  I think a lot of potential has been utterly wasted, and racism doesn’t even come close to explaining it all.  Not even close.

Which makes it all the sadder than if it were racism alone.

Where is that very real dialogue we have been needing to have?

Because we need to be having a real dialogue if idiots like that rancher are asking if cotton-picking had merit.  Asshole.

But let’s have the real dialogue, not the one-way crap.


 Remember my lack of respect?  What a small amount of respect he showed his itamae.  Eating only half of your sushi?  Just order a cheeseburger you ball-less wonder.

Both men emerged from the restaurant to declare the meal had been a success, with Obama telling a crowd of journalists and well-wishers: “That’s some good sushi right there” and Abe saying they had discussed “a wide range of topics in a relaxed atmosphere”.

Seriously?  “That’s some good sushi right there”?

That is like going to a biker bar and saying the beer has a nice bouquet.  


Ok, that is enough for now.  My attitude sucks tonight.


Wait… It sucks a little less.

It would not help me, but I am thrilled about the implications for those who an implant would work.

Growing auditory nerves is… Damned awesome.

Ok, it sucks a lot less.





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Take Two.

As Mitchell noted in his post over as Center of the Anomaly, I have been absent.

While I had a norovirus thing a few weeks ago, Cruel Wife saw fit to share with me her answer to the Job Cold.

It started out with a kind of a cough that seemed benign enough and quickly led to three lung-shredding coughing-up-broken glass days. It was excruciating, like no cold I have ever had.

I went to work a half day Wedneday and full days the rest off the week.  That was sheer willpower as I was exhausted from coughing and wheezing through my days and laboring through my breath and all through the night.  By Friday and Saturday/Sunday I was coughing hard enough to barf into wastebaskets.  I hurt all over.

Friday and Saturday I had a 2 degree fever and a vicious heache to go with it.  Not one night in all of this resulted in a decent night’s sleep.  Always sheet-soaked clammy sweat broken sleep-that-is-not-sleep.

Still, I hate docs and avoided them.

Monday morning I was showering for work (pure willpower) when I noticed I was coughing up pink and bloody phlegm.

So after a trip to the doc I seem to have won a lot of antibiotics, a huge string of prednisone, and roughly 1500mls of cherry flavored ultra-tussin, which is the first thing to give me a break in coughing in 11 days.  You can believe me when I say I had tears of gratitude and relief just to have the cough taken away.

So I will either get better or just not give a shite about not getting better.

The Butcher of Lansing, who will deny that he cares if anyone asks, has threatened with collecting on a slap bet if I go in tomorrow.

I wouldn’t pay heed but Melly Cat has glued herself to me as I have gotten worse.  She is my Nurse Cat.  This is endearing and ensures she will be the last critter we eat in the upcoming apocalypse.  She naps with me and turns her belly up because I love scratching her.

It is the fact that she has hung out with me that convinced me that Things Are Not Well.

Nursecat Melody

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I got over my nasty norovirus.  A few workers got it when I did and one went home the day I came back.

All have suffered horribly.

But the bright side is that work in BornToBlock’s world continues on many fronts.  BtB is ID10t Killer and he owns the server.  I joined on at the same time Inscrutable Half-breed did, then Laconic Pup. Then HackerBoy as he promised to be well behaved and polite.  Finally The Dude came out to play and get killed lots, but it has been…. Fun as hell.

We all have our Demesnes which we cultivate -I will show a map sometime.  HackerBoy and I (lemur king) live far to the north, about ten minute’s ride by rail which is an all day trip.

Then at work one day, BtB suggests we do Warehouse 13.  Of course it will really be Warehouse 12.997.

And being engineers, the designs are grand.

Below, we have just gotten up walls to try to protect ourselves from mobs.  The 8192 Auto Smelter looks tiny but it has grown.

The 8192 Auto Smelter



The Beginning

The sign down there proclaims “Men @ Work”


Tonight after finishing the catwalk and two huge lava pillars, I took a screenshot for fun.

The walk between pillars of fire.  I am proud of both.

The warehouse is 100m long by sixty wide and stands 30m tall.  There will be a people mover section.

Another section will be dedicated to auto processing raw materials and sending it down to us as we build the lower levels, all the way down into bedrock.

It will even have a small natural park, with iron golems capering in the trees.

It will be much much much bigger, with five engineers and an eight year old boy pounding on it.

The front doors are already piston actuated to keep mobs out.


HackerBoy figured out how to make an on-off water sluice gate just by watching BtB rig the front gate.  He’s only eight.  There are worse games for him to play.  This stimulates his mind.


But, we figure to use the space to showcase the many things you can do in Minecraft as exhibits.


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three days of the fluxion

I don’t know where I got it or how. But I have run to the bathroom all weekend long, been dehydrated, and barely able to keep foods down.  Clammy sweats, chills, nausea.  One of those norovirus things, I guess.


Still feel punky.  Might do a half day tomorrow.


Did learn a new Minecraft technique for clearing out a dungeon.  Flood it with lava.

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