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Take Two.

As Mitchell noted in his post over as Center of the Anomaly, I have been absent.

While I had a norovirus thing a few weeks ago, Cruel Wife saw fit to share with me her answer to the Job Cold.

It started out with a kind of a cough that seemed benign enough and quickly led to three lung-shredding coughing-up-broken glass days. It was excruciating, like no cold I have ever had.

I went to work a half day Wedneday and full days the rest off the week.  That was sheer willpower as I was exhausted from coughing and wheezing through my days and laboring through my breath and all through the night.  By Friday and Saturday/Sunday I was coughing hard enough to barf into wastebaskets.  I hurt all over.

Friday and Saturday I had a 2 degree fever and a vicious heache to go with it.  Not one night in all of this resulted in a decent night’s sleep.  Always sheet-soaked clammy sweat broken sleep-that-is-not-sleep.

Still, I hate docs and avoided them.

Monday morning I was showering for work (pure willpower) when I noticed I was coughing up pink and bloody phlegm.

So after a trip to the doc I seem to have won a lot of antibiotics, a huge string of prednisone, and roughly 1500mls of cherry flavored ultra-tussin, which is the first thing to give me a break in coughing in 11 days.  You can believe me when I say I had tears of gratitude and relief just to have the cough taken away.

So I will either get better or just not give a shite about not getting better.

The Butcher of Lansing, who will deny that he cares if anyone asks, has threatened with collecting on a slap bet if I go in tomorrow.

I wouldn’t pay heed but Melly Cat has glued herself to me as I have gotten worse.  She is my Nurse Cat.  This is endearing and ensures she will be the last critter we eat in the upcoming apocalypse.  She naps with me and turns her belly up because I love scratching her.

It is the fact that she has hung out with me that convinced me that Things Are Not Well.

Nursecat Melody

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