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I have to give Michelle Obama some credit for deciding to forego crashing the party of the graduating senior class.

Do you know how she could have scored a huge win, even from me?

If she had said, herself, in her own words, “Hey, you guys were right.  It would not be fair to the graduates who deserve their recognition on their day, and I hadn’t thought about it.  So please accept my apology and let’s see what other arrangements can be made.”

That would have been classy.  It would have won respect.  God knows I have none for her or her husband, but that would have given me something.

But no. Being classy enough to honor others humbly is not something he Obamas are known for worldwide.

Abbey Rubottom, 18, said the change of plans would work best for graduates and their families, as well as other community members who are interested in what Mrs. Obama would have the say about the anniversary of the Brown decision.

This is the real question I have… What can she possibly have to say about this important day that no one has said over and over?  Does anyone pretend to not know with high odds of being correct all the same utterances, statements, and admonitions about how the job isn’t done yet?

Will the white Hispanic come up?  Will Holder come up?  Will her husband’s personal struggles come up?  

I think the civil rights movement was absolutely one of the best things to happen in a great long time.  I don’t think the opportunities have been capitalized on, however.  I think a lot of potential has been utterly wasted, and racism doesn’t even come close to explaining it all.  Not even close.

Which makes it all the sadder than if it were racism alone.

Where is that very real dialogue we have been needing to have?

Because we need to be having a real dialogue if idiots like that rancher are asking if cotton-picking had merit.  Asshole.

But let’s have the real dialogue, not the one-way crap.


 Remember my lack of respect?  What a small amount of respect he showed his itamae.  Eating only half of your sushi?  Just order a cheeseburger you ball-less wonder.

Both men emerged from the restaurant to declare the meal had been a success, with Obama telling a crowd of journalists and well-wishers: “That’s some good sushi right there” and Abe saying they had discussed “a wide range of topics in a relaxed atmosphere”.

Seriously?  “That’s some good sushi right there”?

That is like going to a biker bar and saying the beer has a nice bouquet.  


Ok, that is enough for now.  My attitude sucks tonight.


Wait… It sucks a little less.

It would not help me, but I am thrilled about the implications for those who an implant would work.

Growing auditory nerves is… Damned awesome.

Ok, it sucks a lot less.





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