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A Distraction…

XKCD has a graphing mod library for the Python/matplotlib library… and then there is the colorspace stuff. My favorite color is Burple.


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Fostering Katts.

We had adopted two male cats on Dec 24. They were awesome but our existing two female cats would not adjust. So four months later we returned them.

I keep telling myself they were just effing cats. Maybe I will believe it someday. George and Garf.

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The Imbecile and the Tree

Big crash outside, then squealing of tires.

Outside we met with the neighbors, where one said he tried to punch out the drunk driver who missed the sharp corner next to our house and head-onned a tree. The driver could not have gotten far.

Yeah, our neighbor tried to mess up a drunk driver. I love my redneck town.

911 was called.

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Netflix and Myopia

Netflix informed me that my rates were going up. My options were $12.99/mo or <alternatives>.

I checked and to go to standard def I could pay $8.99/mo. Or I could get hi-def or double-wow-def for way more.

Netflix churns out a lot of similar garbage. It has a few really awesome shows. When I want steak and lobster, I go to Amazon. If I want a decent burger I go to Netflix. If I want Taco Bell ™ I go to Taco Bell ™. If I want corndogs I go to the gas station or skim basic cable.

All that to say “Nah, Netflix, we ain’t BFF’s – let’s keep it platonic.”

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Boycotts, reprised.

Veeshir, I accidentally visited your blog in spite of our mutual boycott.

I also have to apologize for neglecting to keep kindled our animosity. May a new life be breathed into it.

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Easter Worshippers

A steaming loaf of horsesh*t direct from Slate.

Easter Worship defined for those too dense to get it…

Nope, call them Christians. Don’t know a single Christian that wants to be referred to as an Easter Worshipper. We don’t worship Easters. I have my suspicions why a lot of “religious” politicians on the left don’t see an issue.

In other news…

Operation Cat Integration, Day 117:

The random periods of mixing boys and girls, cat segregation, and Beyond Hissydome seems to be toughening the cats up a bit.

We squirt the boys when they are too obnoxious, tell the girls when they need to calm down (which always works, universally), and spoil them where possible.

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Mass Effect

Soon, your lard butt will be charged on flights. Watch for it… you will be assessed an “overage” or “BMI Surplus Charge”.

The Airlines Lardbutt Initiative

And won’t that feel good? You already are crammed into seats that are too small for a normal sized male, forced to use a lavatory that is narrower than a man’s shoulders, and asked to pay extra to not have your knees dig into the seat in front of you. The knees thing is not a problem if you are 5’8″ or shorter but it is hell above earth if you are 5’11” or more.

Oh, hey… happy Good Friday.

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Easy Does It.

Been threatening to leave the FaceTome environment and come back here, where at least the (in)sanity is limited to something less neurotic than the great failed social experiment.

Very tired of how crazy social media is making people. It is manipulative.

So what would you like to talk about? Politics? Cats? Cat jerky? The politics of cat jerky? Music?

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