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The Imbecile and the Tree

Big crash outside, then squealing of tires.

Outside we met with the neighbors, where one said he tried to punch out the drunk driver who missed the sharp corner next to our house and head-onned a tree. The driver could not have gotten far.

Yeah, our neighbor tried to mess up a drunk driver. I love my redneck town.

911 was called.

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Netflix and Myopia

Netflix informed me that my rates were going up. My options were $12.99/mo or <alternatives>.

I checked and to go to standard def I could pay $8.99/mo. Or I could get hi-def or double-wow-def for way more.

Netflix churns out a lot of similar garbage. It has a few really awesome shows. When I want steak and lobster, I go to Amazon. If I want a decent burger I go to Netflix. If I want Taco Bell ™ I go to Taco Bell ™. If I want corndogs I go to the gas station or skim basic cable.

All that to say “Nah, Netflix, we ain’t BFF’s – let’s keep it platonic.”

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Boycotts, reprised.

Veeshir, I accidentally visited your blog in spite of our mutual boycott.

I also have to apologize for neglecting to keep kindled our animosity. May a new life be breathed into it.

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