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Bombay Felines, Part 2

In the beginning…
Years worth of naps later.

We have come full circle to blogging about our cats again, I guess.

Could be worse.

I started blogging a very long time ago in my years, and the world was not noticeably worse by my hand and to be fair not noticeably better, but it has gotten crazier so I am back.

In this ocean of crazy I can only hope to rise with the water level.

Above, you see Mel as an itty bitty kitty. Below that you see her as Mel “Triple-Wide” d’Cat. She is mine and I am hers. She is currently on my lap and blazing heat like a thousand suns.

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Bombay Cats

I realized Melody sorta looks like a Bombay cat, but then I read a Bombay is a black cat but not all black cats are Bombay cats.

I told Mel she might be a faux Bombay. Cruel Wife opined that she could be a Faux Bo.

Mel put her ears back at the laughter. Cruel Wife opined that kitty only likes myself and HackerBoy and not her nemesis (Cruel Wife unloved by cat).

This led Cruel Wife to label kitty as a Ho Faux Bo.

Well, that escalated rapidly.

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