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Leaving Social Media

One could call it a dramatic exit. But it was not. I suppose a casual observer could see it as such.

But I did not see it that way. I did not want to exit without a forwarding address.

Good friends were made first on the blogosphere. Many really good ones. I left to join FB and for a while it was good. Then, even MeWe, after meeting many cool people who traipsed over there from FB… well, it seemed dark and shallow echoes of what interpersonal relationships should be – as if re-kindling of contacts on a regular basis and a common shared language was somehow LESS important than a weighting algorithm.

A contact specifically renewed by choice of BOTH parties is the only viable way to establish connections. Perhaps it is via communities, such as AoS or the Morons, but generally all sides move at the same pace.

Social Media destroys that, because while it makes connections, it has no idea at all how to maintain them. We lost something by being drawn to that.

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