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Chili and biscuits…

We just brought chili and biscuits to the poor dude who had to work tonight at the gas station. Hot chili, warm biscuits, and cold butter. Poor guy was shaken. So we will eat some food and go back to hang with him. Everyone needs to know they matter.

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1) I love Christmas. What it is, is so much more than most people see it.

2) The idea of wrapping presents so they look so perfect is so far beyond my capabilities that it completely and totally overwhelms any good feelings about giving someone something nice, to the point where I am resentful about everything to do with the practice. It becomes a waste of time.

Let’s end this *ridiculous* practice.

Irrelevant, because it is all burlap bags all the time from here on out.

Merry Christmas everyone! For all the reasons Christmas matters! Christ was born, and Mary and Joseph did not take the easy path for the sake of our Savior, Jesus.

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