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One of two things lead to it:

And #2… I don’t remember.

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The Years, They Change.

Happy New Year, all of you, idiots and loved ones alike.

So, Omicron seems to be way less dangerous, but still be careful and take your Vitamin D, K, Zinc, etc.

As a long hauler from early-mid 2021, even if it is mild, you want to keep your body healthy and in check. The long haul is no joke and scarily un-fun, especially after 8 months or so. Just saying.

May 2022 be a damn sight better than 2021.

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Chilies of Christmas

Got the son some reaper powder for Christmas. Usual story, there was not time to make the label for the shaker.

This was what I worked up tonight.

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Venom: Ethical Head Bitings?

My daughter dragged me to the theater for the first Venom movie. We ate a whole bucket and a half of movie popcorn. We loved it.

The question still nags…. is it ethical for Venom to eat heads

We watched the second movie on Christmas Day. Much fewer head bitings. By a LOT.

I begin to suspect they are NOT ethically supported however much we might wish them to be so.

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Christmas 2021

Cruel Wife gave me ammo, noise cancelling earmuffs for shooting, and a giant 36” screaming green chicken.

It was a great Christmas.

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Chili and biscuits…

We just brought chili and biscuits to the poor dude who had to work tonight at the gas station. Hot chili, warm biscuits, and cold butter. Poor guy was shaken. So we will eat some food and go back to hang with him. Everyone needs to know they matter.

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1) I love Christmas. What it is, is so much more than most people see it.

2) The idea of wrapping presents so they look so perfect is so far beyond my capabilities that it completely and totally overwhelms any good feelings about giving someone something nice, to the point where I am resentful about everything to do with the practice. It becomes a waste of time.

Let’s end this *ridiculous* practice.

Irrelevant, because it is all burlap bags all the time from here on out.

Merry Christmas everyone! For all the reasons Christmas matters! Christ was born, and Mary and Joseph did not take the easy path for the sake of our Savior, Jesus.

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Christmas has Come to This

All the gifts will be handed out to individuals in the original nondescript white bag or brown box I got them in, straight from Amazon. I refuse to be part of the military-industrial wrapping complex.

I loathe what gift giving has become. Love is dependent upon the quantity/value of the gifts. Gift giving has obscured Christmas.

Instead, my main gifts to family will be food and constant reminders of the reason for the season.

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Proof, Meet Pudding

I am sure there is Shakespeare in there somewhere.

Regardless, the fountain pen fired up on the second pull today and wrote flawlessly and smoothly. It was a joy. It was so gooey it took over an hour last night with soap/water/isopropyl and it finally cleared.

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The Pens Is

At one time I said a fountain pen was simply pretentious. Later, I actually wrote with one and threw half of our ballpoints away and my wife stopped me before I threw out her half.

They are smooth and a fine point nib gets you all sorts of nice lines. Fine enough for engineer scribbles. Add in some ink that flows well, doesn’t run when wet, and resists smudging, and you wonder why ballpoints were ever a thing.

That is my pen loaded with fresh green Noodler’s Ink.

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Leaving Social Media

One could call it a dramatic exit. But it was not. I suppose a casual observer could see it as such.

But I did not see it that way. I did not want to exit without a forwarding address.

Good friends were made first on the blogosphere. Many really good ones. I left to join FB and for a while it was good. Then, even MeWe, after meeting many cool people who traipsed over there from FB… well, it seemed dark and shallow echoes of what interpersonal relationships should be – as if re-kindling of contacts on a regular basis and a common shared language was somehow LESS important than a weighting algorithm.

A contact specifically renewed by choice of BOTH parties is the only viable way to establish connections. Perhaps it is via communities, such as AoS or the Morons, but generally all sides move at the same pace.

Social Media destroys that, because while it makes connections, it has no idea at all how to maintain them. We lost something by being drawn to that.

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Bombay Felines, Part 2

In the beginning…
Years worth of naps later.

We have come full circle to blogging about our cats again, I guess.

Could be worse.

I started blogging a very long time ago in my years, and the world was not noticeably worse by my hand and to be fair not noticeably better, but it has gotten crazier so I am back.

In this ocean of crazy I can only hope to rise with the water level.

Above, you see Mel as an itty bitty kitty. Below that you see her as Mel “Triple-Wide” d’Cat. She is mine and I am hers. She is currently on my lap and blazing heat like a thousand suns.

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Bombay Cats

I realized Melody sorta looks like a Bombay cat, but then I read a Bombay is a black cat but not all black cats are Bombay cats.

I told Mel she might be a faux Bombay. Cruel Wife opined that she could be a Faux Bo.

Mel put her ears back at the laughter. Cruel Wife opined that kitty only likes myself and HackerBoy and not her nemesis (Cruel Wife unloved by cat).

This led Cruel Wife to label kitty as a Ho Faux Bo.

Well, that escalated rapidly.

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