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So, liberal leaders are now leaning on the moderates in their party.

“Criticism from liberals is almost a political endorsement here,” said Loree Bykerk, a political science professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Moderate Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., is among those targeted.

Even so, the liberal MoveOn.org said that in a survey of its 5 million members, 93 percent said the group should not support Democrats who are on the same side as Republicans when it comes to a health overhaul. “No donations, no volunteering and no help getting out the vote,” MoveOn said in an e-mail last week.

Hmm.  Ok, check to make sure there are no obstructions in your weapon – clear anything foreign that might cause a jam.  Now lever in a cartridge, click the safety off, point the weapon downwards, and pull the trigger while it is aimed squarely at your foot.  Repeat five or six times until you pass out.


Please do so.  I really want to see spoiled rotten crybabies get so angry about not getting everything they want that they engage in internecine warfare.  Don’t like your allies’ choices?  Well, screw ’em!  Yeah!  That’ll serve them right.  Then they’ll be sorry when there’s a 30% turnover in the democratic ranks, that’ll… what?  Well, we didn’t mean for them to leave!!

Included that snippet above because I found it on Yahoo.  ABC-News is running news articles that are less than gushing with the breathy sounds of swelling bosoms.  Hell, the NEW YORK TIMES has run articles critical of this current establishment of whiny arrogant liberals, and has even broached the taboo topic of voters being less than thrilled with the O’Messiah.  For such a bunch of big talkers about being fair and open-minded and their willingness to bridge divides, reach across the aisle, work together in the spirit of bipartisanship… they’ve really done not much more than be a bunch of loud bullying assholes.

I wonder if they have noticed that people are more aware of what a financial failure MediCare/Aid is than they thought, and if they have noticed that their claims of budget neutrality draw no believers.  All those claims result in are more potential swing-to-the-right votes.

Ready.  Aim.  Fire.  Repeat.


Hey!  Let’s make it even worse!  Let’s let everything really go sideways and require businesses to pay employees for their enforced sick leave!   Man, we could be as socialist as any country in Europe faster than you ever thought possible.  Just think what the cumulative idiocy of voters in the last election has been able to bring to fruition.

Especially those who contributed to this insanity – may you get what you so richly deserve.


Health care is expensive? More so than you could ever imagine if all you did was read the House Health Bill, it seems.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated in its study last week that the House bill would bring in $167 billion over 10 years — $33 billion from fines paid by individuals who decline to buy insurance, and the rest from employers who don’t offer insurance to workers or contribute enough toward premiums.

Ernest Istook … a fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, calculated that anywhere between 8 million and 14 million people would end up paying the fines.

This raises a few problems, he said. First, if those millions somehow get covered and don’t pay the fine, then the health program is faced with a budget hole.

Second … it speaks to a flaw with the insurance packages that are being offered. “If you say people would rather pay $167 billion in penalties rather than buy insurance under your new plan, what’s wrong with your new plan?” he asked.

The answer, Istook said: “It’s expensive.”


This is how the US should work.  If you don’t impact anyone else so they have to deal with your sh*t, then live free and no one to bother you.  But if your sh*t means that it is now your neighbor’s sh*t to deal with…?  Fix it or move.  Sometimes I get to say:  What a great country we live in!  And no one had to take it to a high court with bazillions of appeals.  Does a $100/day fine seem a bit steep without first giving a grace period?  Yeah, but if the laws were already on the books about a 3-cat limit…  Seriously, how many cats do you need?  If you have 30 cats and they pose no problem, have at!  If you have two and they crap on the neighbor’s veggies and chew on their herb garden, it’s a problem.

Having more than 3 cats now requires a license

DUDLEY —  Voters last night added language to a town bylaw that will make it illegal to own more than three cats without a kennel license, though Selectman Steven Sullivan said housing three felines was already a violation.

The article came after a neighborhood feud over cats owned by Mary Ellen Richards of Kennedy Drive.

Some of Mrs. Richards’ 15 cats are allowed outside, and one neighbor said the cats have ruined his yard.

The discussion at town meeting last night had Mrs. Richards warning residents that the $100 per day fines being imposed on her could also be imposed on them if they fail to get kennel licenses for their pets.

She has put her home up for sale and plans to move to a “more cat-friendly community,” but vowed to fight the fines.

— Kim Ring

There’s a lesson here that you rarely heard mentioned anywhere.  If people would take more responsibility and see to it that what they do doesn’t impact others, all these many many laws wouldn’t even need to be on the books.  Just sayin’.


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