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Well anyone can have a cat’s ass, because cats are always willing to share.

Thanks to Cruel Wife.


That kitty doesn’t know the definition of irony. Yet.

Now hear this…

Did you hear the one about the cops tasering and beating up the deaf guy and cuffing his hands behind his back so he could not sign to them?

Apparently his pleas fell on deaf ears and they refused to listen to what he had to say. He was stunned speechless by their brutality. The whole thing sounds like it ended with no one on speaking terms. The police defended their actions, gesturing at the same time that their hands were tied.

Ok, I joke, but as a hearing deficient individual he has my sympathy, and you know what? I hear the winds of litigation blowing…


Thanks to Lemurita… who agrees that I only drink Red Bull(tm) socially and that I do not have a problem.

And for some reason someone out there took a picture of these people humping trees and I keep wanting to post it. No idea why. Probably I do it because I think tree hungers and duck squeezers are idiots.

Maybe more later.

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The other day Hackerboy (who is six) was on the Wii playing a game that looked suspiciously like the Tour de France in its layout.  Let’s call it the Tour de Frank.

Anyway, he had moved from 100th place in the beginning to 17th place by the end of Stage 5.  I was making dinner and only marginally paying attention but I was following his progress.  He was clearly excited by his progress and I heard him say loudly:

I was BORN for this!

Where he got that, I’ll never know.


I’m not addicted to Red Bull™.  I can quit anytime.  I like the taste.  It is a social thing.  I just don’t want to quit.  I’m not hurting anybody.  I only have a few.  Other people?  They have problems.

Beautifully creative use of Red Bull™ long after the body has eliminated it.

I only wish I had come up with that idea.  It’s elegant.  Beautiful.  Cheaper than taking it to the shop.


Note:  I’m tired, cranky, and bitchy.  I’m going to rant.  You might skip over this if you are in a “don’t pop my bubble” mood.

As you know, I listen to NPR to follow the saying “Know thine enemy”.

I end up knowing far too much.

Rodriguez moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 7. He says if he could, he would vote.

“To see people that have that privilege and not take it, and because they don’t take it we have people elected that create laws that hurt me, that hurt my family, that hurt our communities. It can get frustrating,” he says.

“I am practically an American without papers, and because of that I don’t have the power to vote,” says Rodriguez. “So, the best thing I can do now is organize those that can, and make them vote for me.”

Yet another ILLEGAL alien is whinging about the raw deal he’s getting just because he hasn’t gone and become a legal entity in the US.  Like it’s the US’s fault that he’s in the situation he’s in.  It’s his family who is at fault.  They didn’t do a “moved to the US”, they did a “snuck into the country illegally and decided to stay”.

At the end of the evening, Somos America President Daniel Rodriguez took to the podium.

“Raise your hand,” he said in Spanish, “if you know someone who’s not here but needs this information. Raise your hand if you know someone who’s been deported. Raise your hand if you know someone who has the power to vote.”

Across the room, hands shot up at each statement.

“Every question, almost everyone raised their hands, and that just goes to show you that there’s a lot of people that know the pain and the hurt of being deported or having to know someone that was deported,” Rodriguez recounted.

Rodriguez told the crowd of mostly ineligible voters that they need to use that pain and turn it into power by tapping friends and family who can vote.

The pain and hurt of being deported or having to know someone that was deported… I have friends from Germany that were here LEGALLY and they had to go back home.  So a large number of hispanics here illegally feel like they are owed the right to break the law and be given a free pass?  Well, they certainly won’t be disabused of that notion by our Marxist president and the liberal media.


Today I heard another thing on NPR.

One of the reporters was interviewing a lady from Yemen.

Turns out a lot of Yemenis hate the US and distrust us.

WHOA!  OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!  This turns my world UPSIDE DOWN!  Yemenis somewhere in the world hate us.  Oh.  My.  God.

She said it as if we were suddenly going to have to sit up straight and pay attention.  So what?  Big deal.  Let’s have a head count – the number of Yemenis who have been terrorists who have attempted to kill, want to kill, or have killed – innocent civilians.  Ok.  Now let’s take a head count of the number of US terrorists who have the same aspirations to kill Yemenis.  Yeah, there’s a huge network of people organizing to do just that.  Uh-huh.  Sure.

Next, the reporter made mention of either $150 or $170 million dollars being spent on aid programs in Yemen – building things, infrastructure, etc.  He asked her if that is helping the US’s image in Yemen.

Guess what?

Her response was essentially that no, it does nothing because Yemenis see how much we spend on military involvement in Yemen – troops, equipment, training – and see that it is far more.  They also believe that most of that money goes to corrupt individuals in their government.

A corrupt government is a symptom of a corrupt society (the US is not an exception).  But why is the US implicitly to blame for their corruption?  Why do Yemenis still take money from the US?

And better yet, why do we spend money on a country that hates and distrusts us when it does no good and is going to corrupt individuals?  We do it so we can function covertly and overtly in their country.  Let’s not couch it in terms of “aid”, m’kay?  And Yemen – if it is such a distasteful thing, stop claiming the high road while holding out the hands for money.  Clean your house of corruption while you are at it.

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Not really…

Foremost, I am much better today.  I made some from-scratch enchiladas and not a single urge to hurl.  Yay!

Now, over at The Hostages, there was posted a clip from Family Guy.  I don’t watch Family Guy, I just didn’t get into it.

But this was pretty funny, even if it bears no resemblance to a Red Bull addi… I mean, drinker.

And by the way, the editorial over at The Hostages is pretty darned good, too.


Good gravy.  If you can stomach reading the comments it is rather shocking the rather skewed view of how the US should be set up.  I can’t see how they could go from history, add the Constitution, and add the Federalist Papers, and end up with such viewpoints.

The reason I can’t see it is because there’s precious little evidence that they even paid attention to any of that.

The quotes below are cherry-picked nuggets from the comments section.

The fact is, people being armed chills freedom of speech. If you’re carrying a loaded gun, I’m going to be even more careful what I say around you than I am when I’m with cops. (Not that I have anything against cops.)

Ok, seriously, does someone have stats on how many legal concealed-carry permit folks shot someone for exercising their freedom of speech?  Is it a large number?  Does it make the mind wobble?  You would think that if statistics like that existed that showed that this was a huge problem the anti-gun people would be throwing those numbers around like confetti.

Some people die from gun violence in Arizona and we all get upset. Many, many more citizens will die this year from state budget cuts and medical insurance cuts. Seems the real predator is actually the people who oppose tax increases to pay for the services people need to stay alive. Not as sexy an issue as murder by a right wing nut; but more deadly and evil all the same.

Guns don’t kill people: conservatism does! In all its manifestations: from warmongering, to cutting taxes, to promoting false patriotism.

This is the real evil that walks amongst us!

What is it with people that think conservatives are evil soulless beings?  I know a great number of conservatives that would prefer to donate money to a charity or a church rather than give it to the government – why is this “wrong”?

This is one that’s really going to torque McGoos, cmblake6’s, cmonsters, and AggieSiths… among others.  Ready?

Absolutely zero gun control laws would have stopped this tragedy from happening. Let me explain, lets say you want to ban all guns, you get the law passed and tell everyone they have to turn in their guns. Who is going to turn their guns in? The law abiding citizen? Probably 80%-90% would. The person who intends to do harm now or in the future? I would say less than 5%. Now you have a situation where the criminals know that the chances of someone else having a gun are very low.

80-90%.  That high?  Really?

The people that believe in the 2nd Amendment don’t believe in the right to protect themselves because of the 2nd Amendment… they believe it is their God-given right to protect themselves and their family, and the 2nd Amendment is merely an affirmation of that.

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