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The Riderless Black Horse is an expression I borrowed from Stephen King to describe migraines.  The hoofbeats thudding through your head are ominous and threatening.

I was off work today, bedridden for the most part in a dark room – probably should have used an injector but I have a certain limit below which I won’t use them.

But then at 5pm I had an appointment.  At the eye doctor.

I sat for millennia as the light from a thousand suns poured into first one eye and then the other and they boiled in their sockets.  Molten lava sloshed in the channels of my brain, following a tidal pattern that had no apparent source.   Entire memories and experiences cried out and shriveled up, turning black and blowing away as fine sparkling dust motes.

Then he charged me several hundred bucks and sent me on my way, sweaty and shaken.


The Malaysian airliner issue is still out there.  I’ve heard lots of impassioned arguments for it being just an accident, a malfunction, or something less than sinister.

But you just cannot explain away the things that make zero sense.

KT McFarland had an article about what we have learned and what have potential terrorists learned, which is interesting from a “flow of information” standpoint.  The argument being that we have told a lot about how we respond and how lax security is, and how we have learned nothing.

What kind of talk is that?  Seriously?  McFarland has supposedly worked in national security posts and she doesn’t recognize that we’re watching the terrorists very closely right now?  You better believe that they are watching the spider web for telltale vibrations.  Information flow never flows only one way unless one is an idiot.  Our security forces are many things, but idiots?  No.

As a former NSA director told me, we’re still looking at China, Russia and North Korea. We’re not as focused further south, or in the Southern Hemisphere.

We’re looking at China, Russia, and North Korea???  Really?  They are the LAST places I’d look.  Those are stupid ideas.  And those are perfect examples of poor misdirection.

She says also:

… not everyone in the world is sharing information. Our satellites may not be looking south, but maybe Chinese satellites are, especially since Malaysia borders the Strait of Malacca, one of China’s most important trade routes. The Chinese official press has criticized the U.S. for not sharing our satellite data. Are they sharing theirs?

My guess?  China has worked very hard to scrub their data of any information that tells about their sensors and technology first.  Subtle variations in the images tell what kind of apertures exist in their systems, aberrations present, and detector capabilities (noise, readout noise, sensitivity, etc.).  That takes time, so I am not surprised it took so long to distribute what they do have.  Just handing out photos willy-nilly is just giving away information about your capabilities.

… even if we have the technology it isn’t always used, or used correctly. There were three separate instances where the missing plane wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do.  Yet Malaysian air traffic controllers missed them. India has radar but, according to some reports, turns it off at night to save money.

India has radar but turns it off at night.  And that couldn’t possibly have been exploited?  Surely not.

There have been so many stupid things uttered by people who are supposed to be smart that I strongly suspect that there is an energized campaign of misinformation on all sides.  That’s easier to swallow than everyone involved is an idiot.

And another article has the following quote:

“The reason I don’t lean toward it being hijacked and then landed in a foreign country to be used later is that you’ve already advertised that there’s a missing aircraft out there now,” Cane said. “Why would you allow your potential targets to raise their defenses? That’s not the way terrorists operate.”

Have IQ’s dropped precipitously recently?  Did the 1993 Trade Center bombing just totally get forgotten?

Terrorists observe.  What they learn from observing determines how they will act.

Has no one read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War?  The terrorists have.


Could someone remind me again what NASA stands for?

Social, economic, and political studies?  Was that what NASA was created to do?

Study of the downfall of civilization?  There is irony there if you dig for it.


Proof of life?  No, proof of lie.

NOAA showing its bias for all to see.



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Screw that, get a tissue.

Harold Ramis dead.  This ranks up there with the loss of Leslie Nielsen in Lemur King’s world.

I collect spores, molds and fungus.

The man directed GroundHog Day, which is one of my favorite movies.  It took a stroke of genius to find the right balance between comedy, smug satisfaction at Phil’s fate, pity at the horror of his fate, and transformation of a vile creature into a human.

Thanks Harold.  RIP.

Any movie that includes Scott’s work or the work of Oscar Wilde wins with me.  This one won’t be applied to Mr. Ramis.

High though his titles, proud his name,

Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;

Despite those titles, power, and pelf,

The wretch, concentred all in self,

Living, shall forfeit fair renown,

And, doubly dying, shall go down

To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,

Unwept, unhonor’d, and unsung.


For me, and for me alone…


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We are still in a holding pattern with another doctor appointment in two weeks.  In the meantime we will see if a certain medication helps the family member in distress.  We’ll leave it vague like that to protect privacy.  No, it’s not me.

But at least we know more than we did this morning, which was (Jack + Squat) * 0,  which was coming out as “nothing” every single time.  So if you’re wired for anonymous prayers I’d count it as a kindness.

Luckily, tomorrow is Pączki Day, or Fat Tuesday, and I will eat three of them.  I will do so even if the food police come and take me away and torture me with rancid kelp milkshakes for a month.  I will have plum filling for one, raspberry (I hope they have, I do), and lemon (to me, it is saving the best for last).  Yes those last two are non-standard you-are-probably-going-to-culinary-hell ingredients but gosh darn it I love ’em.

Perhaps The Dude could weigh in on this and tell me if this is so or not.

And then I’ll calmly gobble them anyway.

The big questions readers are asking is “Lemur, what are you giving up for Lent?”

I honestly don’t know.  If I were to give up Shin Cups or toasted seaweed I could end up damaging my body severely.  You can’t just drop those sorts of things without considering the physical dependence upon them.

Perhaps I should give up something like All Bran™ or maybe grilled radicchio.  Or cuttlefish.  Or Yoo Hoo™.

So keep asking that question:  “Lemur, what are you giving up for Lent?”

Hopefully by now at least one or two readers are asking that question where none were before.

I hope to have an answer soon.  One year, believe it or not, I decided to forego any use of the internet that did not directly result from the requirements of work.  That was a sobering experience.  I wept, I gnashed teeth, I heaped dirt and coals upon my head.  Then I steeled myself and prepared to meet Day 2 head-on.

I know someone who once gave up booze and chocolate at the same time and some say it drove her stark bug-shit crazy-insane.  Some say she suffers from the trauma to this day.


Meanwhile, yes, I am still pondering the last portion of that short story Aggie Sith demanded a while back.  A whopping 11% of people reading this blog have expressed continued interest – both of them did so more than once, I should add.

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