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Update:  The Dude passed on a great youtube link comparing what happens when you shoot something with different things.   We’re not talking water guns like we are down below.


Well, the idea is to come up with a steampunk water pistol.

There seems to be some interest, which is good.  Now, it is truly a matter of how much you want to spend.  So far we’re not looking at a huge cost.   I would add that what you see there is really not all that impressive because I just haven’t had time to model all the parts up yet.  Takes time, it does – for two reasons:  The first reason is that I’m anal-retentive, and the second is that it takes time.

I want it to work and work right, and I don’t want the damn thing blowing up when you hit 50-60 psi.  There are “overclockers” out there that are talking 100 psi but honestly I wouldn’t take it beyond that and I’ll want to check a lot of numbers before doing that, even.   To give you a sense of scale, the pressure vessels there are about 3/4″ in diameter.  My only concession to modern materials will be stainless steel in the check valves (to pump the pressure up) and the acrylic water chamber.  Yes, I could use glass but it’d be a damn thick thing and I also don’t want anyone getting hurt.  I suppose I could go to a different type of sight glass but I like the idea of a 3″ diameter chamber.   I may change my mind yet.

I have a trigger selected, valves, gauge, manifold, pressure vessels, fittings… packaging is critical though, so I’m taking my time on it.


Growing up in Oregon I had plenty of opportunities to hang my head in embarrassment when someone did something that reflected badly on the rest of the people in the state.  Michigan proves that it can hold it’s own with stupidity, however.

Mud-bogging with a stolen alligator.

Aren’t those three of the sorriest-looking idiots you’ve ever seen?


I can’t say that I’m sorry to see the “Club a WoW Seal Senseless Today” page decrease in total number of hits to near-nothing.  It was really irritating.  My guess is that some cute wittle furry seal picture on Google bumped it down a few pages.  Some of the people who thought I really was a seal-clubber were pretty scary.

Here’s the next-cutest one I’ve ever seen.  I’m sure Amusing Bunni is well aware of this picture.  Somehow that woman has a “Cute Furry Wittle Animal” radar like this world has never seen before.

Image by Matthieu Godbout

Guiltily, however… I admit… I admit to secretly wondering what SealBurger ™ tastes like, and what kind of cheese would be best.  Yes, I am horrible.

Here’s where I’d claim in Steamboat McGoo style that somehow my family was mauled to death slowly by marauding seal pups bent on senseless wanton destruction but I can’t do it with the same finesse that he could.  So I won’t.  But it would make a bitchin’ story, wouldn’t it?  If I actually said it, that is.

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Dr. Lemur’s Steampunk Chocolate Geared for Women is now available on Zazzle.  It was designed to be smaller but if you want a larger version posted let me know.   Same goes for the matte finish – if you want the shiny stock (it’s cheaper) – let me know.  Some may prefer coffee cups, and you can find that option here.

And yes, I’m shamelessly plugging this.  I’m pretty pleased with it and it took some serious effort.

By the way – it might take a little time to filter through the Zazzle approval process (hour or so).

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Well that was a lot of fun today.

First off, I totally Yorl’ed out and got a leather duster – it was a Christmas present but I never ordered it, instead opting to buy after trying it on again.  Glad I did.  I needed an extra inch in the shoulders plus some room to put on flannel or other shirt to stay warm in Michigan winters.  The duster comes to just above my ankles and that is exactly what I hoped for – something to keep the winter wind away from my body – it can be awful windchill suckiness at times.

Would you believe Cruel Wife pretty much insisted that I get it?

Later… Good news.  I was able to contact the artisan directly and correct a misunderstanding on my part – damn my bad hearing (you won’t find me saying that often).   I was trying to talk to two sales reps and hear what they were saying, listen to Cruel Wife, stare at passers-by, and read lips – all over the noise of the crowd.  I had thought that the mantle was removable but found I was mistaken.  So after a quick couple of e:mails the lady who makes this stuff said she’d make it removable at no extra cost.  Awesome.

Here is what it will mostly look like except mine will have the removable mantle.

Here is Phil Foglio and his staff.  Opted to protect his identity but he’s easily recognizable from his self-portraited cartoon in the Girl Genius series.  Funny fella to listen to giving a talk.   Here he was taking a serious break.

Below, she’s all wound up.  Very well done outfit with the subtle yet superb wind-up key in the back.  I thought it was best of show, honestly.  No idea who this is. 

We went to a “Steampunking your Home” thing (or something to that effect).  The guy from ModVic and SteamPuffin (http://www.facebook.com/ModVic) gave a talk about finding the raw materials and inspiration for Steampunk creation.  Absolutely fascinating talk – an hour flew by and it was easily the best part of the whole day.

This lamp was my favorite piece in the whole place besides a projector that had been repurposed – it was the old lamp/wick style projector.   Why no pic?  Because it wouldn’t have done it justice, that’s why.  I didn’t even bother.

Somebody really cares a great deal for a friend or family member.  Look at all the work that must’ve gone into making this wheelchair.  I really apologize for the nasty orange wood color and the overexposure – but I don’t want to spend the effort to fix it because that post right behind it is going to make it look nasty unless I spend time addressing it directly.  Ugh.  I expected better from the Hyatt, but oh well.


Scroll down to the “Gelatin filled Christmas Ornament (on keyboard)… wicked awesomeness.



Ha!  I KNEW IT!!!  Thank you, Fark, for shedding light on the matter.

Secret to a happy marriage?  Delusion.

Take sentences out of the article out of context is absolutely frightening…

Those who inflated their partner’s assets also reported being more happily married.

Is that anything like “Pumping his junk”?

If the couple is happily married, it could be that the better half of the couple has an idealistic vision of the lesser half.

Which might explain why Cruel Wife puts up with my bullsh*t.

I’ve always said she was delusional.

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World Steampunk Expo is tomorrow.  Cruel Wife and I will be attending sans kids.  Last time one or two attendees were a bit spooky and the kids were into everything.   Getting into everything is fine if the stuff on the vendors’ tables is meant to be gotten into but they were behind and underneath tables and touching “do not touch” things, which was stressful and didn’t allow for browsing much.

I’ll see if I can snap some pictures.  Tomorrow morning we’re going to show up for the Professors Foglio demo, where they show how they create the graphics for Girl Genius.


Watched another of my favorite movies tonight.

I am fully aware that it got a lot of not-so-good reviews and even had to go look up a word:  Mawkish.

I’m afraid I just don’t see it though.

I’d probably help readers by passing on the name.  Bicentennial Man.

It’s one of those movies, like Secondhand Lions, where the viewer has to bring something to the party.  If all one can bring to the experience is a soul with shallow depths as yet unplumbed, then of course one will see nothing of value.

Oh sure, I can see how someone might say “mawkish” when describing the movie but what I can’t see is how someone could not look at their life and see a little bit of truth reflected there.

And it could be viewed as sad or maybe even bittersweet (not quite the word I’m searching for though).  One would have to be blind to not see the contrast between the humor, sadness, callousness, and insightful moments and perhaps you could even choose to ignore parts of it, buffet-style.  I argue that it would be a disservice to one’s self to ignore the sad and take in only the good because put simply that is what makes life noteworthy.   It’s the highs and the lows that are the scaffolding that props up the metaphors of our life as we segue from one into the next.

Yes, I know it is exceedingly odd to go from Duke Nukem Forever to this.  No, I haven’t been drinking.


Over at Science Daily where real science is never allowed to get between a reader and sensationalism.

There is water inside the moon — so much, in fact, that in some places it rivals the amount of water found within Earth.

One who doesn’t read a lot of science papers and proposals would probably say “Ho-leeeee-shiat!  There could be space fish on the moon!”

That sentence tells you absolutely nothingNothing at all.

Take a shovelful of lunar soil, pluck out the one rock that has a perfect tablespoon of water sealed up in the center.  Now you have water inside the moon and in some places (one) it rivals the amount of water found within Earth.

Elsewhere on Earth, scientists have studied the sphericity of the electron and found it to be spherical to within one umpteenooglity-eth of a meter.

Researchers from Imperial College London conducted a decade-long laser experiment on the subatomic particle and discovered that it differs from a perfect sphere by less than 0.000000000000000000000000001 of a centimeter — so that “if the electron were magnified to the size of the solar system, it would still appear spherical within the width of a human hair.”

“I don’t know of any naturally-occurring object that is rounder and has been measured to the same level of accuracy,” said research leader Dr. Jony Hudson, writing in the journal Nature.

[Note:  I’m sure that cbullitt over at Soylent Green has some pitchers of underboob that is significantly rounder than that.]

“Why is that important?” the authors were asked.

“Well, we really don’t know but if you give us a lot more money we’ll see if we can make some guesses at it.”


Over at PopSci there’s an article about really sharp blades and cutting through things like pop cans with knives.

Which is really cool and all.

But invariably you have some “I Know ****ing Everything” jackass who writes comments like this and it really chaps my ass.

JediMindset   05/26/11 at 10:20 pm

mythbusters are liars. they are paid to misinform their audience. i can do this with a blunt butter knife. its all about technique.

Well, you’ll have to watch the video, but when some wanker says something incredibly stupid like “i can do this with a blunt butter knife” I want to use my godlike abilities to freeze the world, put the guy on a stage, unfreeze the world and have every one of 6+ billion souls watch him as he performs an epic FAIL with his blunt butter knife.  And then if I actually had such powers I’d allow all 6+ billion people the chance to wedge one of their shoes in his ass and send him on his way.  And then he’d have to walk 20 miles home – with all 6+ billion shoes up his ass.

This is probably why I have no godlike powers.

And then someone needs to show him how to use capital letters.  Peeve of mine.  The wanker.


Yes, never mind that no seismologist has ever predicted an earthquake.

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Cruel Wife has been encouraging… no, strongly suggesting… no… nagging me to invest time in an online comic strip she loves.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s steampunk, it’s awesomely drawn, it’s got action and engineering-like stuff in it, and all the chicks have these enormous hooters funbags jugs breasts – what’s not to love, right?  Seriously, these gals make Butterball turkeys hang their heads in shame.

I’ve resisted because frankly, those people who are addicted to it are really addicted to it.  It’s sad.

And now I am, too. Girl Genius.  It’s been out there since 2003.  I met the author/artist at the World Steampunk Expo a few months back.  Interesting trio involved in the strip.

The biggest problem is that you spend so much time reading it, especially at first, that you burn up hours very quickly.  That was my original argument.  I was correct.  I read until 2am last night.  I’m only now into 2005 with five more years to catch up on, with three installments posted per week.  It’s a huge amount of work and they’ve only covered 1/3 of the full story as they have planned out so far.  And it is a very fun ride.


Speaking of addiction…  In order to make this chicken dish tonight I had to have some beer.  I’ve made no secret that I had to give up alcohol because I just loved beer too much.  So there I am in the corner store tonight buying a bottle of beer to cook with.

It is a measure of the power of the addiction when you are more self-conscious about the Red Bull that you are purchasing than the beer you came to buy in the first place. I also chugged the Red Bull in about 30 seconds, burped, and put the can down on the table in front of Cruel Wife and said “I have a problem.”

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Inscrutable Half-Breed sent this link to me… steampunk tats.

I’m putting just one of the pictures below to tempt you to go to the link above and enjoy.  LOTS of cool ink there.  The one on the right… wow.


The PatriotPost sent this out.  Too good not to share.  Complain how you wish about ITAR, but it serves a very real purposeStart combining the removal of ITAR [h/t to cmblake6] with turning NASA into our ‘muslim outreach’ and you’ve got a really nasty thing on your hands.

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Update is down below, with pics as promised…

Just got back from the World Steam Expo in Dearborn.

It was fun although it might have been funner w/o Frankenboy destroying one exhibitor’s electronic picture frame and both kids bouncing around like ping pong balls.  It was hard to herd kids and see the stuff there on display while trying not to scream every time my neck twinged.  Update on that is that I think we’re in the “little f***ers are dying” stage – a period as short as three days and as long as five days where pain levels spike and peg for a while.  It’s just the way it works for me, I’m afraid.

I’ll write more later but I noticed:  Some nice people, some real creatures (“people”), some rather -uh- well-endowed corset-stuffing, and no less than three people carrying baggies of various grades of pot.  I have a sensitive nose.  Very sensitive.  Two were… meh.  One was top-shelf “I think I just saw God” quality – I know this because the stuff was so sticky that the scent molecules are still attached to my olfactory receptors.  I saw a leather trenchcoat that I want.  I want bad.  Hurting bad.  But, with kids, I can’t justify $450.


Updated:  Here is the Highwayman jacket/trenchcoat type jacket thing that I’d still eat a set of tires for.

I will do another post tomorrow showing a few of my favorite artists from the show.

Here is a goody that I bought – a business card casewww.frenzyuniverse.com

I'm only putting the pic up with the text running through it so you'll see that it is cool and visit their site. Cool stuff, very nice folks.


Cruel Wife did a costume that was a very faithful representation of one of the Girl Genius characters, Sleipnir O’Hara.  Do NOT ask me how to pronounce it.  Can’t even spell it and had her e:mail me so I could cut/paste it in.

Cruel Wife and Zoe Pup. CW went as Girl Genius character Sleipnir O'Hara. Faces have been masked to maintain privacy.

Zoe, if you wondered, is an English Shepherd, quick of foot and mind, and is totally my dog.  Zoe is also a camera hound.

Cruel Wife (middle), the kidlets, and the creators of Girl Genius comics. Again, I respect their privacy.

Next is a picture of Lola the Lemur – She works for Singing Lemur Jewelry as a consultant.  Lola’s co-worker Rollande is a very nice lady indeed.

Next was a shirt that I just plain loved.  It was just that good.

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… but you can come close.

I was passed on a link to steampunk stuff and was surprised.  I didn’t think that was going to be possible except in the most extreme of circumstances.

Here you go.  A steampunk vibrator.

I would really prefer that you go to the link above to read about it.  I’m speechless, sorta.

It was on a top-ten kind of list, here.

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Love the stuff. Supposedly it’s “out of style” but if you like something based only on whether it is in style or not you are little better than a sheep.  I am many things, perhaps ignorant, perhaps lacking imagination, perhaps an assh*le, but not a sheep.

Steampunk, again.  This is an electric guitar with real style.

Steampunk Ladybug.

Steampunk Beds.  I really like furniture that is simple, clean, a blend of old and new in such a way that it is hard to date it.  Blade Runner was steampunk and is timeless.

A Sector Watch.  I wanteth it.

Another watch, probably costing the GDP of a small backwards country – like say California.


Thank heavens that race isn’t an issue in this race.

“If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention,” said Hastings. “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.” – Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings

It’s like a bad horror movie.  You think you staked the beast in the heart and it comes back to claw you to death time after time.  Hillary returns?  Love the Biden resigning for health excuse.  Come on, just admit you don’t have the leadership skills to pick good people, Obama.

Also this could be titled:  “How to look like a damn freakshow exhibit.”  Modding your body so you look like an elf?  Try something different.  Take up ping-pong, macrame, or even animal husbandry.

BoingBoing has a bolt-on goatee shaving guide.  You just screw the little pegs into the sinuses in your cheekbones (no pilot hole needed) and from then on you can clamp this sucker to your face for that perfect shave every time.  No, not really.  You bite on it.  It does give that cool “Hi, I’m Hannibal Lector” suave look.

Can PETA get any damn weirder?  Human breast milk in ice cream.  Yeaaah.  Okayyyyy.

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