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Abu Dhabi is buying the Chrysler Building.  The time to sell is NOT when the dollar is so freaking low.  This is the perfect time to hand over property and buildings at a furious pace if you don’t think of the big picture.  Forget economics for a second and be honest:  How many Middle East countries/companies do you want owning major real-estate in the US?  Or China for that matter?  Or EU countries?

In other words, any country that has issues with the US.  Notice that I’m saying “countries” – not people of any color/race/creed/religion – because it’s policies of countries that are going to hold sway ultimately.

You could argue that the more they invest here the more incentive to keep the US strong, but I still maintain that we’re giving footholds.

I don’t know… my feelings on this are vague and not well articulated, and I may very well delete this post.  I can’t be the only one feeling uncomfortable, however.

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