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The Moooooon.


Un-American?  My governor, or rather, my state’s governor thinks that voting against the bailout is un-American.


December 12, 2008

Mich. Gov.: Vote Against Auto Bailout “Un-American”

@ 11:18 am by Michael O’Brien

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) said it was “un-American” for senators to have voted against approving a bailout of troubled automakers last night, saying their vote may cause a recession to become a depression.

“It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators to cause this country to go from a recession into a depression,” Granholm said during a radio interview Friday morning.

Negotiations over an agreement to assist Michigan’s Big Three stalled last night in a 52-35 vote on a procedural motion to bring up the package for a vote. Republicans largely opposed the bill after it failed to win concessions from the United Automotive Workers union on wages and benefits.

“It is such an unbelievable stab at workers across the country,” Granholm added. “You give this big bailout to these financial institutions–don’t ask a single question, they can do what they want–and then you lay the blame for the auto industry, which is a victim of this financial meltdown, on the backs of the people who are working on the line.”

Granholm, along with members of Michigan’s congressional delegation, have been pressing for lawmakers to pass an assistance package. All but one member of Michigan’s House and Senate delegation have voted in favor of the package. Rep. Tim Walberg, a first-term Republican defeated in his bid for reelection, voted against the bill.


Bailing out ANY institution under a capitalistic model is un-American.  Geez, this irrational fear of pain is getting out of hand.  Yes, there are rough times ahead – but we all wallowed in largesse when we were oinking it up before the debacle we see in front of us now – and these rough times are going to be painful.   But to bail out everybody under the sun because it’s be painful isn’t possible!  We don’t have that kind of money!  Look, say there are 100,000,000 families in the US.  Now give them $10,000 EACH.  Can you picture what you personally could do with $10,000?  I thought so.

100M families at $10,000 each… Hey, that adds up to 1 TRILLION dollars.  And our government is spending lots more than that to save bankers and now auto companies.  That money is coming from somewhere – it’s coming right out of your future prosperity – in terms of higher interest rates and high inflation when the print-money and borrow chickens and cows come home to roost.

I’m arguing that it is un-American to throw good money after bad.

The auto companies ought to be forced to seek non-union solutions.  Lots of non-union workers make perfectly adequate salaries and have extremely safe workplaces.  Bankruptcy is the way to achieve that.


The moon is accelerating towards earth and has been for a long long time.  Now it is even more accelerating-er…?  No, scratch that.  Max velocity, acceleration flatlining (not changing, anyways).

Ok, I nneeddd to sllllow dddown on mmmmmy cofffeeee.  All overrrr the boarrrd todaaay.

It’s at perigee (more technically-ish “periapsis”) tonight, it’ll be full, and it’ll look huge.  (like J-Lo’s butt)

A whopping 14% hugerer according to experts quoted at the Times Online.  Moon getting larger and won’t require spandex or baggy sweat pants.

So enjoy.


Luna… our celestial friend

fullmoonNot our terrestrial friend.  Friends don’t let friends moon drunk.

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