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Temporary Post

This was to be a placeholder post until tonight when I posted something real.  But it’ll have to be real enough.  Suddenly a huge storm blew up and is headed for us and I’m shutting my computer down very soon, so have a good evening…


As congress-critters sit and bitch to their bosses (us) about how the other side is causing all the trouble it becomes ever more obvious that even still none of them are interested in fixing the problem.

They are all still far more interested in who maintains power as of the next election than they are about enacting something that is binding and rooted in reality.

How do we know this?

Because they are again talking about “compromise”.  Which is a load of BS.  When a patient is dying of a gangrenous limb you do not compromise and cut right through the middle of the infection – you cut off the limb, and you take enough to be sure you got it all.   There are some issues where two viable sides don’t exist, and any decision made that doesn’t include drastic binding cuts is completely non-viable.

When you have spent yourself into a huge debt you do NOTHING to incur more.  And you cut and cut and cut until you can’t cut any more, then you cut again for good measure because the first time you probably pulled the punch.  And then you are man enough to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We’ve been waiting for decades for elected officials to address the entitlements issue, which is what is going to strangle us.  I’m seeing precious little evidence that they believe this is the critical moment it really is.

Their behavior is similar to what you could imagine if an ENTIRE chapter of the local AA fell off the wagon at the same time.  All of them hopelessly addicted to the power and money, all of them in partial-to-total denial, and all of them on some level simultaneously pointing fingers and covering up for each other.

And I’m bothered by the press releases, too.  Both sides.

A perfect example of the unprofessional non-serious behavior is Jay Carney trying to be hip.   This isn’t NFL where you get to use lots of euphemisms and metaphors.  Americans are sick to DEATH of speech that isn’t just pure hard facts devoid of fluff and rhetoric.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney rejected charges that Obama hadn’t revealed an actual plan to solve the debt crisis.

“We have shown a lot of leg on what we were proposing,” Carney said.

Shown a lot of leg?  Carney is essentially the president’s top communications guy and he cannot use proper english to make his point?
Time to grow up, Congress.  Stop being righteously indignant (it is the taxpayer’s turn for that) and get your sh*t together – do whatever you have to do but do it, do it responsibly (for once), and damn well do it now.

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Go to Sleep.

Update:  This thought occurred to me when I was writing an e:mail to a friend tonight…

Thought for the Day:  How much of the fascination with Facebook is because FaceBook plays on people’s desire to reinvent the past?

Just a thought.  Yes, I know it is a social network.  But beyond the people you are talking to daily, those people who contact you after 20 years… why haven’t you had contact before now?


You know how it is – over time your little ones develop immunities to your charming attempts to entice them into going to bed.

You develop counter-strategies.  They develop counter-counter-strategies.  Then you find a MOABB (Mother of All Bedtime Bombs) and think “Hey, I’m f**king on top of it!”  And then the cute little vermin find a way past your fortified defenses and nuke you in retaliation.

And before you know it their boundless energy surpasses yours and you go stark raving bonkers and start thinking Jack Torrance (The Shining) was on to something.

A book is here that won’t fix a damn thing but might make you laugh.  “Go the F**k to Sleep“.


I saw this on FARK and couldn’t resist mentioning it.


4 arrested, accused of selling drugs, raccoon meat at Houston car wash

Is selling raccoon meat really so much of a problem that it gets linked in with drugs?

Do they have legitimate raccoon meat farms.  (Shhhhhh – don’t breath a word of it around Bunk Strutts at Tacky Raccoons – I think there’s some sensitivity there but I am totally guessing and base that on nothing at all, really)

Yes, that was a shameless plug for the Obama gets locked out animation I saw at Tacky Raccoons.

The next interesting FARK one is this:

The court ruled in her favor and now she can masturbate at work.

With porn on company computers, no less.  It’s the wave of the future folks.


People don’t usually deserve to get shot.  This guy sure earned it though.  Bitching at someone because they didn’t thank you?  What are you, twelve?

I opened up the door for a gentleman. He walked in, and I quietly said, ‘Why don’t you say thank you for holding the door open?’ – Bitchy Gentleman Jay Rodgers

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