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Warning:  Today’s post may be offensive or disturbing to some viewers.  Please exercise discretion.

A family friend sent me an e:mail today.  And ensured that for the next six hours I would be legally blind.


They didn’t want her, so they sent her to me..I don’t want her so, I’m sending her to You!

The rules are simple: You can send her ANYWHERE but you can’t send her BACK !!!!

I am now blind

Click on it to enlarge the image. If you dare.

So I wrote back.  I said “YOU OLD BASTARD.  I am now legally blind.  That is horrific.  I must think of who I can send this to.”

But then an idea came… I should post it.

This would scare away entire families and groups of people on Halloween.


I was looking for some music on Amazon today.  I ran across some interesting choice pieces of music.

V is for Vagina Puscifer

Doctoring the Tardis – The Time Lords (to be fair, this didn’t sound half bad)


Sex-O Olympic-OThe Revolting Cocks (funny to name a band after an ugly rooster, eh?)  This band seems to have songs of interest like HookerBot3000, Lewd Ferrigno, and Wizard of SexTown


So after a bit more searching, ran across Carnival of Lost Souls by Nox Arcana – now, it is Goth-ish, and it is kind of creepy, but it’d make a hell of a Halloween music track to wig out the little kids with. Their album Necronomicon isn’t so bad either.  Very “niche” music, IMHO.  Has songs named “Cthulhu”, “Dagon”, “Yog-Sothoth”, “Nyarlathotep”, “The Great Old Ones”, etc.  How could you go wrong?

In case you wonder – I’m still having good days and bad days with my neck.  Still have pain but I’m weaning my body off of the pills because I’m so damned tired of being fuzzy.  I’ll find some other way to deal with the pain.  It is at least improved enough that I can cope with what is there unless I do something stupid.

Checking out some bands I used to listen to and probably will never find the cd’s for… King’s X (Out of the Silent Planet), Dali’s Car (The Waking Hour), Bauhaus, etc.

I’ll just sit and enjoy my Massive Attack100th Window until something more inspirational comes along.

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