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I am.  I’m a law-abiding Michigander.  But I’ll tell you this:

If the Michigan police think that if I am stopped that they can download data off my cellphone they are going to have to arrest me.  AFTER I take my SIM card and destroy it.  There is no F*CKING WAY they get to intrude on my privacy like this.  No way.

The Michigan State Police have a high-tech mobile forensics device that can be used to extract information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan last Wednesday demanded that state officials stop stonewalling freedom of information requests for information on the program.

ACLU learned that the police had acquired the cell phone scanning devices and in August 2008 filed an official request for records on the program, including logs of how the devices were used. The state police responded by saying they would provide the information only in return for a payment of $544,680. The ACLU found the charge outrageous.

I will endure arrest on principle.  I will be respectful to the officer, as much as I can and still refuse to comply with his “orders”, but I will NOT hand over my personal information to anyone under duress.

A US Department of Justice test of the CelleBrite UFED used by Michigan police found the device could grab all of the photos and video off of an iPhone within one-and-a-half minutes. The device works with 3000 different phone models and can even defeat password protections.

“Complete extraction of existing, hidden, and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts, images, and geotags,” a CelleBrite brochure explains regarding the device’s capabilities. “The Physical Analyzer allows visualization of both existing and deleted locations on Google Earth. In addition, location information from GPS devices and image geotags can be mapped on Google Maps.”

The ACLU is concerned that these powerful capabilities are being quietly used to bypass Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches.

“With certain exceptions that do not apply here, a search cannot occur without a warrant in which a judicial officer determines that there is probable cause to believe that the search will yield evidence of criminal activity,” Fancher wrote. “A device that allows immediate, surreptitious intrusion into private data creates enormous risks that troopers will ignore these requirements to the detriment of the constitutional rights of persons whose cell phones are searched.”

Many thanks to The Butcher of Lansing for this link.


Now, do NOT think that this next graphic (not mine) and the previous section above are related in any way.  They aren’t.  But Llamas with Hats make me laugh and damnit, I could use a laugh.  Family health issues with my sister have made this kind of a dark week.

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I’ll add stuff to this throughout the day, but as an appetizer… let’s look at a news headline:

S.F. Toddler Arrested for Possession of Nuggets and Fries

Amylee Johnson, age 4, was arrested today for possession and intent to consume a Clucker Meal™ consisting of nuggets of chicken meat and crispy-fries.
The toddler was led to juvenile detention and her mother handcuffed and arrested.  She was cited for contribution to the delinquency of a minor, trafficking in a banned substance, and misdemeanor assault with intent to harm. A hearing is scheduled to determine if it will be necessary to temporarily place the girl in foster care.
Poultry Barn corporate headquarters would not return calls for more information.[More…]

Hey, that kind of insanity is heading to New York, too.  And you thought it was only in San Francisco.

As you probably know, I take an extreme stance when it comes to them as prey on children. I’m having a hard time figuring why the DA wants to prosecute. h/t to Cruel Wife for the heads-up.

A wheelchair-bound paraplegic grandfather could face up to 10 years in jail after using a baseball bat to hit a man he suspected of molesting his three-year-old granddaughter.

Frank Hebert, 57, has been hit with a felony assault charge over the incident involving 27-year-old Joshua Hardy.


Justified?: District Attorney Michael O’Keefe is pressing ahead with an assault charge that could put a paraplegic grandfather in the slammer for up to 10 years for whacking his 3-year-old granddaughter’s alleged molester

Computer salesman Mr Hebert said: ‘I’m not a hero, that’s for sure. I’d do it again tomorrow, knowing the consequence.

‘I didn’t have a choice. A 10-year-old kid could take me. This is not about me. This is about a tiny child.

‘I would never tell her I took a risk for her. I’d tell her I loved her.’

Full article is here – thanks to dailymail for this news: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1373816/Grandfather-face-jail-hitting-suspected-child-molester.html#ixzz1IloTUyQV


Scientists Potentially Discover New Force of Nature

US physicists are to announce Wednesday that data from a major atom smasher lab may have revealed a new elementary particle, or potentially a new force of nature, the New York Times reported.


“Nobody knows what this is,” said Christopher Hill, a theorist at Fermilab who was not part of the team, according to the New York Times.

Scientists theorize that it could explain dark matter, inertia, and the attraction between women’s breasts and men’s eyes.


Awful, just awful.  How come PETA and the ASPCA aren’t on this like a deranged slinky?

MASON, Ohio (AP) — Police say an Ohio man has been charged with a misdemeanor for barking at a police dog.

The specially trained $10,000 dog requires therapy and medication to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, estimated to cost an additional $17,000 over the next two years.

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