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More migraines.  More work.  Less sleep.  It all ties in nicely.

Whining over.

I will get major Sith points for this….  heh heh heh…

I just happen to like these guy’s schtuff.

If you walked up to me tomorrow and said “If you give up your legs you can play like that” I’d run and get the axe.


Tell me guys that you wouldn’t opt for the Wolverine Adamantium Claws, too.  A bit gory, might not be good for certain workplaces.

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My blotter is here.  I’m happy.  It is gorgeous.

I know this is going to sound silly but I’m going to post a picture of the real thing tomorrow – it’ll look a lot like this but without the lettering.  That ridiculous picture doesn’t do it a bit of justice and neither will the picture I take, either.

I do plan on having it framed.  It’ll go between my favorite professional documents in my office.  USPTO and NASA type stuff.

Pièce de résistance, Cheshire Le Mew

In such company it will look extremely ridiculous, like tube socks on a banty rooster, and I will probably be threatened with termination if I do not take it down.  And then it will become this big crossroads decision.

Do I want to take a stand, thereby being terminated, being unable to make payments on our mortgage, losing everything in the house to cover how far underwater we are, being forced to live in an ancient jeep, the wife and kids leaving me for a more successful model/parental unit (like a shoe salesman who sells steroids to high school jocks), me ending up on skid row, selling my body for cheap tawdry sex with movie starlets just to pay for my one-can-a-day gold paint habit?

Or do I want to keep my job?

I’ll get back to you on that.  Gonna sleep on it.

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Cruel Wife ordered this for me when I saw it on eBay.

Because the interwebs are just full of information it’s pointless to ask if you can tell me what it is, but the question is really is “Did you recognize it when you saw it?”

And no, I’m not asking if you recognize the Cheshire Cat…


Thanks to veeshir’s post  – not that I read his blog, because we’re boycotting each other’s sites in a seriously hurtin’ way – I was told indirectly by this friend who knows this guy who has a barber who knows this guy’s girlfriend whose hairdresser knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy’s sister’s poodle’s hairdresser’s boyfriend who stumbled upon doubleplusundead, and so that is how I have this link.

So I followed links and drilled down to to http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/01/robert-farago/gun-grabbers-to-boycott-starbucks/ and found this useless idiot:

“Starbucks allowing guns to be carried in thousands of their stores significantly increases everyone’s risk of being a victim of gun violence,” says Elliot Fineman, CEO of the NGAC. “Open and conceal and carry are among the reasons there are 12,000 gun homicides each year in the U.S.  If we had England’s gun laws we would expect 375 gun homicides each year—97% less than we have. England’s gun laws are based on protecting public safety, ours on maximizing sales for the gun industry.”

Seriously?  It’s the open conceal and carry laws that lead to so many homicides?  Really?  And here I thought it was because of a bunch of lawless punks and felons.  Who knew that the vast majority of CCW holders are not the responsible adults we thought they were?

Starbuck’s coffee generally tastes to me as if they took a very old and dry worn-out boot, roasted the hell out of it until it was all burnt and crumbly, crushed it into powder, and then ran hot water through it until it gave up the remains of the ghost.  I don’t usually get their coffee unless I’m dying for a caffeine fix.  But by God, I’ll drink their crappy coffee even if only to show that I support their support of our rights.  Attaboy ‘Bucks.

Before anyone points out that they support Planned Parenthood, I already know it.  One thing at a time – give credit where it is due.


So here’s a question for you:  If the judge orders that the government cannot use the information on your computer against you, why would he order that you decrypt the hard drive so everyone can see what is on it?

Am I missing something here?

The defendant, Ramona Fricosu, had unsuccessfully argued that being forced to do so would violate the Fifth Amendment protection against compelled self-incrimination, Wired reports.

“I conclude that the Fifth Amendment is not implicated by requiring production of the unencrypted contents of the Toshiba Satellite M305 laptop computer,” Colorado U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn ruled Monday.

That doesn’t jibe with this:
Blackburn ordered Fricosu to surrender an unencrypted hard drive by Feb. 21. The judge added that the government is precluded “from using Ms. Fricosu’s act of production of the unencrypted hard drive against her in any prosecution,” Wired reports.

Is “act of production” the key set of words here?  It reads like the government cannot use her production of the information as a confession but they can use whatever they found there as if it were turned up in an investigation.  Are we splitting legal hairs?


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Before zipping on down to the original topic of the post, cbullitt over at SOYLENT GREEN has plugged a product for me! And I’m happy that he’s happy with it, too.

You should think of it as a congratulatory gift mug for his 1,000,000th blog hit a week or so ago.


Aggie over at Hookers and Booze put up a little quiz that she got from elsewhere (I won’t list the tree of dispersal beyond that other than to say she got it from iOWT).  It’s not a new quiz but it is an interesting quiz.

I lie at top dead center and wobble to the right a hair on the censorship issue, mainly because I believe some types of speech are never defensible as “free speech”.  Calling for the injury of others, harassment, exploitation of kids, etc., are things I can’t condone and never will.

Mainly I believe most all laws should be kept local, but obviously there are some exceptions.  People are a whole lot more likely to keep BS to a minimum if they have to sink, swim, or wallow in their own filth.

Speaking of spoilage and filth, here’s a handy little posting about the facts of spoilage and pathogen-plagued foodstuff.  Interesting stuff that I never knew.   Is it all true?  I don’t know.  It passes my first sniff test, though.


Did I post this yet?  I cannot recall where it came from other than through a google surf session.  I think it is a lemur of some kind but it’s all saccharine-ly sweet and all.  Gotta be a lemur or some critter in that area of the genetic tree – lookit the eyes.

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The Dude turned 40 today so Cruel Wife and I – along with four or five other couples – joined him and his wife celebrating his birthday.  It was some good food but by far was the appetizer – fried calamari.  It was perfect.  Not a hint of a rubber band within 3000 miles.   The jambalaya wasn’t sitting well with me and CW’s crab cakes and stuffed flounder were OK but I’ll be honest, the crab cakes weren’t crispy-cakey enough to be crab cakes.  Oh well, it was all fresh, however, and that counts for so very much.

Congratulations to SOYLENT GREEN for the one-millionth visitor!   WARNING, IT IS (not, not, not) NSFW – DON’T GO THERE ON COMPANY TIMEWhups, neither is the graphic below, if you get right down to it.  I am making an exception here.  SOYLENT is well known for a few things, some of which are NSFW, some of which are science-ey, and other which are anti-AGW – specifically he likes to trash global warmalarmists who would love to trash anyone who gets in the way of their power grab.  I support him in that.

I do graphics for cbullitt sometimes and he said “Lemur, I’ve come close to 1 million times, and I need a graphic to make it pop.”   Well, he didn’t word it just like that but the idea was there.  So there’s the graphic I did for him, made up of a collage of other graphics I’ve done when he’s come up with an interesting notion.  This was a fun one because it just came to me how to do it – I was clueless for quite a few hours – and the ideas just gushed forth.

A million of anything is a lot...

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Steampunk Sarah Palin.

I did all right with that concept until they mentioned pages and pages of pin-ups of Sarah Palin, at which point I got queasy and had to run for the Pepto-Bismol ™.

I like Sarah Palin, but I don’t want her for POTUS, and my brain-jury is still out to lunch on whether I like the idea of her in Steampunk.

h/t to The Dude for pointing this one out.

… by the way, eggnog and Red Bull mixed together tastes like ass.  Two things I love, blending together to make something that I had to strain to finish.  (I’m NOT wasting Red Bull, dammit)

No, I did not successfully quit R/B yet.



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Inscrutable Half-Breed sent this link to me… steampunk tats.

I’m putting just one of the pictures below to tempt you to go to the link above and enjoy.  LOTS of cool ink there.  The one on the right… wow.


The PatriotPost sent this out.  Too good not to share.  Complain how you wish about ITAR, but it serves a very real purposeStart combining the removal of ITAR [h/t to cmblake6] with turning NASA into our ‘muslim outreach’ and you’ve got a really nasty thing on your hands.

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