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In the “Ginormous Understatement of the Decade” Award category (Master Class), first place goes to H.R. Clinton for her gaffe referring to her courage under fire, regaling us with the tale of the First-Lady-seeking sniper (and reminding us of how she couldn’t remember a damn thing in Whitewater):


“I did make a mistake in talking about it the last time, and recently,” Clinton told reporters in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. “I made a mistake. I have a different memory. That happens. I’m human. For some people that’s a revelation.” Here is the full article.

I have to argue that Hil needs to find a formulation of Desinex that will allow her to get rid of that nasty case of athlete’s tongue she’s about to come down with. But there is more… Also, if her memories regarding both this and Whitewater are anything to go by, are you sure you want a president afflicted with such a high degree of selective amnesia?

And yes, for some of us, her humanity is not a revelation, it’s still in question and I think it begs a DNA test.

In the “Best Imitation of a Sand-Buried Ostrich Head” Award category (Master Class), first place goes to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for his… uh… uhm… geez, just his overall behavior:


The city eventually agreed to pay $8.4 million to the two officers and a third former officer. Some of the charges brought against the mayor accuse him of agreeing to the settlement in an effort to keep the text messages from becoming public. Here is the full article.

Alllllll righty, then! That settlement was made using taxpayer dollars. In a city of what was once 2 million people and last I heard was less than 1 million. Do you think the tax base can afford this guy?


Now kids, there’s a mighty fun website out there and you might want to go browse through it but gosh darn it, I’d have more fun scrolling through it myself in order to present you with preselected nifty-neato tidbits now and then.

This is a Modern Mechanix site dedicated to lots of experiments that you could do at home. This is in the days before bicycle helmets, mandatory seatbelts, and the passing out of condoms in school. Safety was optional! Yes, it was pre-Carter Administration and if you poked your eye out it was your own damn fault.

Here is today’s fun link – fun with Aluminum! Weird Stunts with Aluminum!

(I will post more data on the author of this site as I can because, frankly, he or she deserves a lot of kudos for this site)

Until later –

– LK

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