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Some bright spark has determined that when beer prices go up beer drinkers reach for cheaper beer.

That is a stunning leap of logic that I had not guessed in my 20 years of drinking beer prior to quitting.

But lets be fair – the dynamic in a situation where the product is consumed by a fair share of addicts will be skewed.  At some point one will either try to buck off that monkey or come up with clever ways to feed it.  Cheap bananas, bananas that are spotted with age, bananas that ooze, and bananas that smell like gym socks.   Maybe a fellow will pick up banana peels by the side of the road in order to get the deposit back and purchase more bananas.

Hell, I’ve drunk beer drippings from the tap that were caught in a mop-bucket with granules of Spic-n-Span in the bottom – watching the sun come up.  After a while self-respect and personal pride count for very little as long as you keep that buzz going.

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16 DAYS 21 HOURS 3 MINUTES… Not that I’m counting.

It’s moving 111,600 mph (very roughly) to catch up to a planet moving 107,000 mph (mean orbital velocity – it changes a lot).  Not sure how fast that planet is moving at the moment, but whatever it is, it’s fast.  Mercury is aptly named.  Earth is plodding along at 67,760 (again, very roughly), we’re positively pokey.


Twenty tons of mayo on the highway.

Where’s the bacon, lettuce, tomato, and bread trucks when you really need them?

At least it wasn’t thirty thousand pounds of bananas.

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