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In my neck of the woods…

Last night was just the diagnostic, really.

After lots of sweaty broken sleep and trying to stay in bed, I really did try, I got up around 10AM.  Half-crap dozing until 4am but not sleep as we normally know it, and then solid sleep until 7:30 or so, and then full-crap sleep until 10AM.

You know that when your sleep starts feeling timeless like when you are in a hospital it is time to get the diddley-f*ck right out of bed, right nowAnd it was.  So I did.

I still feel like canned-creamed sh*t.  Yes, the anesthetic they put in last night helped immediately afterwards, and it was really trailing off around 11pm.  But now… holy f*ck.  It should calm down in a day or two though.
What I’m saying is that even this process is just a bandaid, not the cure, which is to remove a disc or perhaps two. Doc said there were three that were problematic.

Can you imagine the epidurals and discectomies hundreds and thousands of years ago when they didn’t have readily available painkillers?  (**eyeroll here**)

And even tho I’m whining this really isn’t worse than the bad days at the lab, and I go 8-12 hours there at times even when I’m bad off.  This is a different kind of pain though.

Hey, that would be interesting – pain is one of those things that is VERY hard to describe or quantify.  If you have one that you can only describe using far-out descriptors, say ’em here.

I’ll start: The other day the bad disc area in my neck ached so bad that it felt like it was being turned inside out.   See what I mean?  What the hell does that mean, really?  But to me, that is exactly what it felt like.

Now, it feels like a series of infinitely sharp serrated scalpels are doing the jaws of life in that part of my neck.  Very sharp, very bright.  It’s a bright “twinkling star on a freezing winter night” kind of pain.

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