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Ok, this didn’t start out being about parasites.

It started out with my fixation on two art pieces that cbullitt got me interested in.

1) An angelic eco-tard freezing in the arctic wastes (believe me, it’d have some artistic value/merit, even as bad as it sounds)

2) Hungry Bear ™ TV Dinners – Eco-tard in a parka, iced seal-sushi, and hockey-stick pudding

But as I was searching for inspiration I ran across an article on parasites, which (and cbullitt will laugh at this) I thought of him.  No, he’s not a parasite, but it is funny to say it sarcastically.  He’s actually my muse.  My twisted and psychotic muse.

I must continually fight the temptation to sidetrack.  Running around on the internet will take one down many winding and otherwise hidden paths.  One such path was the blog of a ocean-biology writer’s blog.  And there I learned about a certain barnacle.  Two words…

Damn.  DAMN.

I mean, this is enough to make your testes shrivel up and fall off.

Parasites are nasty things.  (Discover magazine)


The blogger that wrote the article before I read the barnacle one had a wonderful piece about how we view our world: Can I eat that, or not?

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