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Been working too hard lately so I tend to want to come home and stay away from computers. Wreaks havoc with blogging. This is done via iPad.

So I watch more TV, and saw this the other day… The billing reads like so:

Batbabe, the Dark Knightie

A voluptuous vigilante squares against a pr0n stealing criminal mastermind known as “the Jerker”.

Surprisingly CW and I found it to have very little redeeming qualities. And we haven’t even watched it. It is soft pr0n and not very good at that. The title is funny though.

Observant reader Mitchell noticed that a steampunk hat would cost me substantially less than a Shelby GT 500. He is right, and the linked hat is my favorite but I will hold out for the GT until all hope is crushed.

I think that in keeping with my leather gunslinger type coat I would probably go for this.

That is it for now. Nothing of major note for today.


Speaking of sinking low… really low.  Urine-controlled urinal video games.   I am… kind of worried for society.

Oh, the jewish holidays are bouncing around, Pesach, I thought.  On the Doyle show he quips “They’re looking for kosher cigarettes now.  You got your Camel lights, you got your Marlboro lights, and now you got your Israel lights.”

Don’t get me wrong – I love the jews and think we [USA] should be siding with them in lock-step.  I kid everybody I like.  It’s when I stop kidding you that we have problems.

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