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More USB madness. I keep a-swearin’ I’m not going to go poking around yet I do. I swear I’ll never do this again as long as I live. And THIS time, I mean it.

I’ll never buy one for myself but I’ll watch others do so. Perhaps there’s a 12 Step program… Hi, I’m Lemur King and I’m a USB Voyeur.

Really, I’m going to check myself in for USB addiction. I can lick this.


If you know me at all, you know I’m a SteamPunk fan. Yes, I know it is passe. Get off my back and let me have some fun in my life, eh? It’s not illegal, I’m not hurting anyone, and I put food on the table. (That, my friends, is melodrama.)

SteamPunk Meets USB


Warning, adult, uh… equipment… is on this page. Strangely it is #1. It does include the George Foreman grill on the list, which is BS, so don’t go e:mailing me about it. There is another device on the page that might work if you are willing to settle for a battery life of about 10 minutes and smoky chips in you ‘puter.

UPDATE: The #1 item referred to above seems to not be in stock but you can google the appropriate (and entirely obvious) words yourself and find other similar natured things. (How bizarre.)

USB “Things


Another site has a use for a USB mouse that I never would have pictured. They just don’t seem to be dual-use like that, you know? You’ll just have to go look for this one yourself.


This is older and it doesn’t look like you can get them anymore, but I swear, it is the strangest one I’ve seen yet. The humping dog USB device.


I was wrong. The USB Claw wins.


If you’re a Luddite like me… yes, I know, aerospace + optics + mechanics + engineer <> Luddite (usually). Well, this is a perfect nod towards the simpler days.


I guess there’s just no truth in advertising.

This quote is the kicker, though:

in treating the case as a breach of contract, the ruling was decried by critics who said it undermined decades of progress in women’s rights.

WHAT women’s rights, when it comes to the hardline Muslim stance? Beating wives? Killing the rape victim? Disfigurement?


Again, Obama says that the current administration is doing it wrong and he’ll do it different but declines to give real examples. If he debates or travels with McCain he’s going to get eaten alive.


Holy CRAP!  Poor kid.

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I’ll post more later, esp. since it is the day that Charlton Heston died. RIP, dude.

But here’s a quick link to someone who has “Sent a Cry for Help”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Man Is Flung From Roof of His Speeding Minivan, Runs Naked Along Highway

Sunday , April 06, 2008

In Pennsylvania, a naked man who was catapulted from a moving minivan, Tazered three times and finally tackled to the ground by police is in fair condition this weekend, it is reported.

According to the Reading Eagle newspaper, police say they responded to calls Friday from frantic motorists who reported seeing a man climb on top of his minivan roof while it was moving about 55 miles per hour, and watched as he was flung into the woods as the vehicle crashed into a highway guide rail.

Witnesses said the man then climbed up an embankment, took off his clothes and ran on the shoulder of a busy highway bleeding from a foot-long gash in his side, the paper said.

Police Tazered the man three times to try to restrain him. They finally had to tackle him to ground, according to reports.

The man was taken to Reading Hospital in critical condition where toxicology tests were conducted.

Credit: Fox Story here

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