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4 Updates…

1) Hitler, upon learning bad news

2) Whatever Howard Dean is smoking, it was treated with something very bad.

Dean: Bush Would Have Had Health Bill Done a Long Time Ago

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean told MSNBC on Tuesday that Republican Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts is the latest sign that Democrats in Washington need to toughen up.

“We’ve got to be tougher. I’ve said the Democrats are not tough enough,” said Dean. “Bush would have had the health care bill done a long time ago. He would have gone through reconciliation.”

Dean said that the election does not mean that Democrats should give up on health-care reform. Instead, he thinks it means that they should jettison the drawn-out, compromised process that they have been following as they have tried to put together 60 votes in the Senate. – ABC News’ Teddy Davis

3)  The Dude passed on this wonderful opportunity to vacation in Somalia.  The Pirates of Somalia Live.  THAT is what I want to do for my vacation.  Good life lesson for the kids, too.  Me, I would opt for the Barrett M-107 .50 cal sniper rifle.  Reach out and touch a terrorist today, I say.

4) Nobody mentioned that Global Warming was going to kill all our fish, too.


For SOME reason, the light off to the right is being picked up by a facet on the bottle, creating that centerline brightness crease.  Pissin’ me off, ’cause I purposely smoothed that sucker out.

Oh well, raytracing teaches you nothing quite so much as patience.

Bigger if you click it.

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Several otherwise “normal adjusted well-respected members of their respective communities” have commented that the cat below appears to be missing a rear paw and instead has paw-shaped genitalia.  I assure you that despite appearances that cat does not have paw-shaped genitals.  I didn’t even draw him up with genitals.

Note the clear lack of genitals and the hint of a right hindquarter complete with right hind paw.


As I just told The Dude in an e:mail, because I am like, so cool that it is intoxicating, I just had to share this.

Shapeways does that 3-d printing thing – send in your 2-manifold and get back cast 3d parts in plastic or metal.

I just figured out how to take SVG files from Inkscape (after making a logo) and import them into Blender3D and hopefully will try out making a cast part.  The next hurdle is the manifold (or in simplest terms possible “will the object hold water if you filled it up?”)

Yeah, most people will go “Huh” and then still not give a rat’s patoot even after explaining it to them, but this is so cool.

Use a free vector graphics program and export that to a free 3d render/raytrace/modeling program, take a screenshot using another free program, and blog about it using free program #4.  Inkscape —>  Blender3d —> Gimp2.0 —> WordPress.

I’ll let you know how this one goes.

I’m still wanting to do some electrochemical etching, but … but… but… that takes nasty chemicals and current which aren’t good around little kids.

Note:  I’m well aware that I in no way approach “intoxicatingly cool”.

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