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It is 10:15pm and I gave up and called CW rather than wait for her to call me.  There was an emergency case that came through that the docs had to deal with so they just now finished stitching the boy up.  Sixteen stitches to his knee and some decent opiates, so even though I have not seen his latest “owie” (his words) I can guess that it looked gross.  Good thing they took him to the regular hospital since the urgent care left a lot of debris in the wound.  They haven’t left yet so… we wait.


I got a call from Cruel Wife while I was at work today.  Through casual conversation she frantically told me the news…

Frankenboy slipped on the bricks next to the fireplace and gashed his knee clean open. Yay!

Stitches.  Blood.  Hollerin’.  Bloody mess.

Thing about owning a dog like Zoe-pup – it means never having to clean up a bloody mess yourself.  I got home and the place was spotless and really just cleaner than clean.

On the way home I stopped by the pharmacy and picked him up a rubber snake – and put a bandaid on it’s knee.  Wherever that is.

They’re still there getting him patched up so I’ll fill y’all in later.  Had no idea it would stretch out this long.

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Wow, is Hillary morphing. It’s not choose the best candidate, one you like and believe in, but choose any candidate that has a better chance of winning, even if they are revolting, even if they drink babies’ blood. That shows a new level of desperation among candidates and voters alike.

“Choose who you believe will make the strongest candidate in the fall,” she said at her Charleston rally in a pitch aimed at superdelegates. She was returning to Washington to meet Wednesday with some of them.

Shown here, she is taking a break, sipping babies’ blood as it is considered impolite to actually drink straight from the victim in public.


Incredibly Important Public Service Announcement

Solar Powered Bra.

More Solar Powered Bra Drivel


Religion of Peace, my fuzzy ass.

Fox News Article: OPEC Turns Back On Neighbors

We knew this was happening because of food crops being used unwisely and wheat rust (wheat-disease-threatens-global-crops). But wouldn’t you think that since the muslims are so good at hating the rest of the world they might at least love each other? Guess not.

Please note that we lead in donations, at $1B. Do you think that this means anything to anyone in terms of our general popularity? That’s a pass.

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