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Man, whatever happened to just lighting farts? In the same breath I say “Poor kid” and “Geez that was stupid”.

Wisconsin Teen Suffers Severe Burns in ‘Blowtorch Game’

Monday, May 12, 2008

MANITOWOC, Wis. — A 14-year-old boy suffered burns to more than a quarter of his body after playing what authorities describe as a blowtorch game.

Manitowoc Fire Captain Mark Rusboldt says the boy and another teen were using spray cans as blowtorches. The 14-year-old was burned on his back, head, face, arms and hands. The other teen was not injured.

The burned boy was hospitalized Saturday at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

(source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,355063,00.html)

Speaking of severe burns, see the next entry below.


Go have some fun over at the PopSci Maker Faire 2008 photo gallery

The funnest one I saw was this, a mobile propane flamethrower based off of a golf cart chassis.  Here it is shown in “Low Flying Bird Defense” mode.  I prefer to think of it as an air-rotisserie, flame-kissed.

Maker Faire 2008


Don’t ask me why I suddenly got a bug up my butt about Art Deco but I did. Might play with a few things for a while along these lines. Think of this as an artistic study. For whatever reason, I find that Art Deco is one of those things that when you see it you automatically say “Yep, that’s Deco” but when you try to do it, it becomes very elusive and not at all intuitive (to me).

(click for large version)


Oh yes, if you have followed any postings lately, I mentioned different grits of toilet paper for work purposes… Here’s a picture that is either:

  1. The biggest inducement to “hold it” until you get home -OR-
  2. Get more fiber or something because… dude..!

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