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Pumping pumpkins.

Hey, look at what is coming to a Halloween near you at Lemur House!


That is a 100W LED. Not a 100W equivalent, but it consumes 100W. At that level I think it is a 10000 to 12000 lumen source.

Let us just say that when I get the heat sink installed and the fan integrated, you will not be able to look directly at the pumpkin. I lit it up for Cruel Wife outside and she was wide eyed.

The thing is actually an eye hazard if you look at it at full power.

I spent many hours reading spec sheets from all over, looking a voltage-current lumen curves, power consumption, and thermal design. If you want one it is pretty easy. It will set you back about $100 for the diode and supply.

I did a 1200W incandescent pumpkin a few years ago. This will be all that but this is not going to cook the pumpkin and be a better light. It will put it out into a 120 degree cone so when you shine it on your garage it is wife spookingly bright.

CW is more supportive of this than thermite or flaming pumpkins

At least these guys have the balls to stand up to the government.

Admittedly, there are kids that eat magnets, but it is a parent’s job to watch their kids. Kids play with glass, matches, and rabid mongooses, but we aren’t outlawing them.

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