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The Butcher of Lansing has been having car troubles.  He sent me this tidbit today – it’s coming up on a week.

The car is a 2011 Buick LaCrosse CXL. I took it in last Wednesday, 3-30.
The issue is that the lights on the console next to the shifter, P R N D, won’t light, both power ports are dead and it won’t go into manual shift mode.
The service guy said that after they downloaded the codes from the car and started chasing the problem down, they discovered that the drawings in GM’s national database for that car did not match the electronics actually in the car. As of today, they still have not received an answer from GM.
Well now.  That kind of makes it hard for the poor SOB’s at the dealer who have to try to figure this out, doesn’t it?
To me, that also sounds like an eclectic grouping of things but hey, who can presume to know the minds of Governmint Motors?  You’d think the company was female.
Some say that Japan has now resorted to pouring 500,000 gallons of scrambled eggs into the reactor in their latest bid to plug the leak.
Next, it’ll be small absorbent rodents.

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